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Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 (2024)
Spider-Man 2
7.1 from 10 with total 10160 votes
127 minutes
Peter Parker is going through a major identity crisis. Burned out from being Spider-Man, he decides to shelve his superhero alter ego, which leaves the city suffering in the wake of carnage left by the evil Doc Ock. In the meantime, Parker still can\'t act on his feelings for Mary Jane Watson, a girl he\'s loved since childhood.

Tobey Maguire character Peter Parker / Spider-Man

Kirsten Dunst character Mary Jane Watson

James Franco character Harry Osborn

Alfred Molina character Otto Octavius / Doctor Octopus

Rosemary Harris character May Parker

J.K. Simmons character J. Jonah Jameson

Donna Murphy character Rosalie Octavius

Dylan Baker character Dr. Curt Connors

Daniel Gillies character John Jameson

Bill Nunn character Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson

Vanessa Ferlito character Louise

Aasif Mandvi character Mr. Aziz

Willem Dafoe character Norman Osborn

Cliff Robertson character Ben Parker

Ted Raimi character Hoffman

Elizabeth Banks character Miss Brant

Bruce Campbell character Snooty Usher

Gregg Edelman character Dr. Davis

Elya Baskin character Mr. Ditkovich

Mageina Tovah character Ursula

Daniel Dae Kim character Raymond

Hal Sparks character Elevator Passenger (uncredited)

Joel McHale character Mr. Jacks

Stan Lee character Man Dodging Debris (uncredited)

Kelly Connell character Dr. Isaacs

Brent Briscoe character Garbage Man (uncredited)

Emily Deschanel character Receptionist (uncredited)

Jason Fiore-Ortiz character Henry Jackson

Scott Spiegel character Man on Balcony (uncredited)

Andy Bale character OsCorp Executive

Christine Estabrook character Mrs. Jameson

Molly Cheek character Society Woman (uncredited)

John Paxton character Houseman (uncredited)

Joy Bryant character Woman at Web (uncredited)

Joanne Baron character Skeptical Scientist (uncredited)

Peter McRobbie character OsCorp Representative (uncredited)

Timothy Jerome character Injured Scientist (uncredited)

Taylor Gilbert character Mrs. Watson (uncredited)

Peter Vouras character Stage Manager (uncredited)

Donnell Rawlings character Pizza 'Heist' Witness (uncredited)

Zachry Rogers character Boy Saved by Spider-Man (uncredited)

Ella Rogers character Girl Saved by Spider-Man (uncredited)

Louis Lombardi character Poker Player (uncredited)

Marc John Jefferies character Amazed Kid (uncredited)

Roshon Fegan character Amazed Kid (uncredited)

Brendan Patrick Connor character Theater Traffic Cop (uncredited)

Reed Diamond character Algernon (uncredited)

Dan Callahan character Jack (uncredited)

Elyse Dinh character Violinist (uncredited)

John Landis character Doctor (uncredited)

Tim Storms character Chainsaw Doctor (uncredited)

Susie Park character Clawing Nurse (uncredited)

Tricia Peters character Screaming Nurse (uncredited)

Michael Edward Thomas character Man at Fire (uncredited)

Anne Betancourt character Woman at Fire (uncredited)

Venus Lam character Child in Burning Building (uncredited)

Bill E. Rogers character Fireman (uncredited)

Joe Virzi character Fireman (uncredited)

Tom Carey character Train Conductor (uncredited)

Jopaul Van Epp character Boy with Mask (uncredited)

Weston Epp character Boy with Mask (uncredited)

Peter Allas character Train Passenger (uncredited)

Brianna Brown character Train Passenger (uncredited)

Bill Calvert character Train Passenger (uncredited)

Tony Campisi character Train Passenger (uncredited)

Joey Diaz character Train Passenger (uncredited)

Chloe Dykstra character Train Passenger (uncredited)

Simone Gordon character Train Passenger (uncredited)

Dan Hicks character Train Passenger (uncredited)

Julia Max character Train Passenger (uncredited)

Savannah Pope character Train Passenger (uncredited)

Timothy Patrick Quill character Train Passenger (uncredited)

Jill Sayre character Train Passenger (uncredited)

Rickey G. Williams character Train Passenger (uncredited)

Michael Arthur character NYPD Officer (uncredited)

Frank Bonsangue character Pizza Man (uncredited)

Cindy Cheung character Chinese Daughter (uncredited)

Phil LaMarr character Train Passenger (uncredited)

Calvin Dean character Boomer (uncredited)

Andre M. Johnson character Fireman 2 (uncredited)

Peter Cincotti character Piano Player in Planetarium (uncredited)

Peyton List character Little Girl Playing on Steps (uncredited)

Spencer List character Little Boy Playing on Steps (uncredited)

Troy Metcalf character Blue Collar Guy (uncredited)

Scott Ross character Pedestrian (uncredited)

Bonnie Somerville character Screaming Woman (uncredited)

Wesley Volcy character Columbia University Student (uncredited)

Lou Volpe character Man at Web (uncredited)

Garrett Warren character Bearded Doctor (uncredited)