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Woman of the Year

Woman of the Year (2024)
Woman of the Year
7 from 10 with total 75 votes
114 minutes
Rival reporters Sam and Tess fall in love and get married, only to find their relationship strained when Sam comes to resent Tess\' hectic lifestyle.

Spencer Tracy character Sam Craig

Katharine Hepburn character Tess Harding

Fay Bainter character Ellen Whitcomb

Reginald Owen character Clayton

Minor Watson character William J. Harding

William Bendix character Pinkie Peters

Gladys Blake character Flo Peters

Dan Tobin character Gerald Howe

Roscoe Karns character Phil Whittaker

Ludwig Stössel character Dr. Lubbeck

Sara Haden character Matron

Edith Evanson character Alma

William Tannen character Ellis

George Kezas character Chris

Jimmy Ames character Cab Driver

Herbert Ashley character Stage Doorman

Dorothy Ates character Phone Girl

William Bailey character Baseball Fan

Brooks Benedict character Clayton's Secretary

John Berkes character Pal

Symona Boniface character Tess' Party Guest

Elfriede Borodin character Leni

Ruth Cherrington character Foreigner

Ann Codee character Madame Sylvia

Jimmy Conlin character Reporter at Bar

Jules Cowles character Joe (uncredited)

Floyd Criswell character Policeman

Fern Emmett character Mrs. Calverton

Curt Furburg character Foreigner

Lisa Golm character Yugoslav Consul's Wife

George Guhl character Door Attendant

Winifred Harris character Chairlady

Carey Harrison character Spaniard

William Holmes character Man at Banquet

Bobby Larson character Dickie Dunlap

Ben Lessy character Punchy

Murdock MacQuarrie character Head Copy Reader

Edward McWade character Adolph

Frank Mills character Mug

Gerald Mohr character Radio Emcee (voice)

Amber Norman character Showgirl (uncredited)

Sergio Orta character Mr. Yes

George Ovey character Little Sports Reporter

Bob Perry character Referee

Jack Raymond character Mug

Cyril Ring character Mr. Harding's Chauffeur

Julian Rivero character Spaniard

Henry Roquemore character Marcus Calverton

Cy Schindell character Pinkie's Listener in Bar

Harry Semels character Mug

John Sheehan character Red Face

Eddie Lou Simms character Champ

Walter O. Stahl character Yugoslav Consul

Charles Sullivan character Cabby

Ray Teal character Married Sports Reporter

Harry Tenbrook character Mug

Michael Visaroff character Russian Guest

Larry Wheat character Reporter at Baseball Game

Harry Wilson character Lubbeck's Bodyguard

Duke York character Football Player

Joe Yule character Building Superintendent

Jack Carr character Baseball Spectator Behind Tess