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While at War

While at War (2023)
While at War
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Salamanca, Spain, 1936. In the early days of the military rebellion that began the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), writer Miguel de Unamuno supports the uprising in the hope that the prevailing political chaos will end. But when the confrontation becomes bloody, Unamuno must question his initial position.

Karra Elejalde character Miguel

Eduard Fernández character Millán-Astray

Santi Prego character Franco

Nathalie Poza character Ana

Luis Bermejo character Nicolás

Tito Valverde character Cabanellas

Patricia López Arnaiz character María

Inma Cuevas character Felisa

Carlos Serrano-Clark character Salvador

Luis Zahera character Atilano

Ainhoa Santamaría character Enriqueta

Mireia Rey character Carmen

Luis Callejo character Mola

Dafnis Balduz character Ramos

Jorge Andreu character Miguelín

Pep Tosar character Bishop Plà

Itziar Aizpuru character Aurelia

Miquel García Borda character Kindelán

Daniel Luque character Gregorio

Mariano Llorente character Casto Pietro

Martina Cariddi character Young Concha

Mikel Iglesias character Young Miguel

Maarten Dannenberg character Swartz

Luka Peroš character Bernhardt

Alba Fernández character 'Nenuca'

Miguel Elías character War Declaration Captain

Enrique Asenjo character Pemán

Pedro Nistal character Maldonado

Alfredo Villa character Assaulter

Óscar Lara character Rookie Soldier

José María del Castillo character Legionnaire in Square

Álex Villazán character National Soldier in Square

Alejandro Chaparro character Projectionist Soldier #1

Rafael Clavijo character Projectionist Soldier #2

Jorge Silvestre character Sentry

Maher Ángel character Falangist

Agustín Otón character Soldier with Suitcases

Pedro Pablo Isla character Franco's Aide

Rubén Salinero character Sergeant

Felipe Andrés character Protocol Officer

Alfonso Asenjo character Customer in Square

Iñigo Nuñez character Young Legionnaire

Javier Garcimartín character Photographer

Tim Verardi character Pilot #1

Ventura Kalász character Pilot #2