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The Redhead from Wyoming

The Redhead from Wyoming (2024)
The Redhead from Wyoming
5.8 from 10 with total 8 votes
77 minutes
A saloonkeeper sides with the sheriff for justice after she\'s framed for rustling.

Maureen O'Hara character Kate Maxwell

Alex Nicol character Sheriff Stan Blaine

William Bishop character Jim Averell

Robert Strauss character 'Knuckles' Hogan

Alexander Scourby character Reece Duncan

Gregg Palmer character Hal Jessup

Jack Kelly character Sandy

Jeanne Cooper character Myra

Dennis Weaver character Matt Jessup

Stacy Harris character Chet Jones

Fred Aldrich character Townsman

Betty Van Allen character French Heels

David Alpert character Wally Beggs

Carl Andre character Cowhand

Emile Avery character Settler

Joe Bailey character Jack

Joe Bassett character Tex Larkin

Ray Bennett character Wade Burrows

Fred Carson character Settler

Edmund Cobb character Sprague

Bill Coontz character Gang Member

Clem Fuller character Cowhand

Harold Goodwin character Chet's Henchman

Herman Hack character Townsman

Chick Hannan character Cowhand

Charles Horvath character Cowhand

Larry Hudson character Townsman

George Huggins character Townsman

Jack Hyde character Chuck

Ray Jones character Townsman

Donald Kerr character Waiter

Keith Kerrigan character Girl in Kate's Place

Merrill McCormick character Townsman

Philo McCullough character Aldrich

Robert Merrick character Professor

Boyd 'Red' Morgan character Gang Member

Lew Morphy character Townsman

Anton Northpole character Townsman

William H. O'Brien character Bartender

Joe Phillips character Cowhand

Bob Reeves character Townsman

Buddy Roosevelt character Cowboy Lifting Myra

Syd Saylor character Drunken Settler

David Sharpe character Henchman

George Sowards character Cowhand

Claudette Thornton character Amy

Jack Tornek character Barfly

Sailor Vincent character Cowhand

Rush Williams character Ned

Henry Wills character Settler