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The Milky Way

The Milky Way (2024)
The Milky Way
7.1 from 10 with total 90 votes
102 minutes
Two drifters go on a pilgrimage from France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Along the way, they hitchhike, beg for food, and face the Christian dogmas and heresies from different Ages.

Paul Frankeur character Pierre

Laurent Terzieff character Jean

Alain Cuny character Man with cape

Edith Scob character Virgin Mary

Bernard Verley character Jesus

François Maistre character French Priest

Claude Cerval character Brigadier

Muni character Mother Superior

Julien Bertheau character Richard

Ellen Bahl character Madame Garnier

Michel Piccoli character Marquis de Sade

Agnès Capri character Director of Lamartine Institution

Michel Etcheverry character The Inquisitor

Pierre Clémenti character Angel of Death

Georges Marchal character Jesuit

Delphine Seyrig character The Prostitute

Jean Piat character Le comte

Denis Manuel character Rodolphe

Daniel Pilon character François

Claudio Brook character L'évêque

Julien Guiomar character Le curé espagnol

Marcel Pérès character Le curé de l'auberge espagnole / The Posadero

Claudine Berg character La mère de famille / Mother

Jean-Claude Carrière character Priscillian

Auguste Carrière character La religieuse crucifiée / Sister Françoise

Jean Clarieux character Saint-Pierre / Apostle Peter

Béatrice Costantini character Une fille de Priscillien

Michel Creton character Un serveur

Georges Douking character Le berger avec la chèvre

Jean-Daniel Ehrmann character Le condamné / Condemned man

Gabriel Gobin character Father

Claude Jetter character La Vierge de l'auberge espagnole

Marius Laurey character L'aveugle / Second blind man

Pierre Maguelon character Le caporal de la Guardia Civil / Civil Guard Caporal

Rita Maiden character Une fille de Priscillien

Bernard Musson character L'aubergiste français / Innkeeper

Jacqueline Rouillard character L'hôtesse

Christine Simon character La jeune fille enchaînée

Luis Buñuel character Voice (uncredited)