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The Last Execution

The Last Execution (2023)
The Last Execution
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115 minutes
The ambitious scientist Franz Walter doesn\'t hesitate when he is promised a professorship at the university. He immediately accepts, pledges absolute loyalty to the system and agrees to work for the GDR\'s foreign intelligence service until he can take up his new position. Together with his colleague Dirk, he is sent on foreign assignments to West Germany. Franz soon has to use blackmail to get innocent people to talk. But his superiors go even further: GDR refugees and their relatives are targeted to be psychologically destroyed, forged letters, medical diagnoses, surveillance and wiretapping are on the agenda. However, this is more than Franz can bear: he feels powerless and increasingly isolates himself. When he then decides to steal secret documents for a later defection to the West, this results in an unfortunate chain reaction leading to his arrest and ultimately to his execution...

Lars Eidinger character Dr. Franz Walter

Devid Striesow character Dirk Hartmann

Luise Heyer character Corina Walter

Paula Kalenberg character Klara

Peter Benedict character Schreiber

Victoria Trauttmansdorff character Professorin Link

Andreas Schröders character Hagedorn

Moritz Jahn character Bodo Renner

Kai Wiesinger character Wagner

Peter Lohmeyer character Panther

Christian Redl character Hans Walter

Hedi Kriegeskotte character Margrit Walter

Neithardt Riedel character Corinas Vater

Hendrik Heutmann character Bernd

Florian Anderer character Schulte

Inka Löwendorf character Anja Hartmann

Ada Philine Stappenbeck character Luisa Langfeld

Leon Hoge character Horst Langfeld

Daniel Drewes character Richter Nolte