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The Innocents

The Innocents (2024)
The Innocents
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115 minutes
Poland, 1945. Mathilde, a young French Red Cross doctor, is on a mission to help the war survivors. When a nun seeks for her help, she is brought to a convent where several pregnant sisters are hiding, unable to reconcile their faith with their pregnancy. Mathilde becomes their only hope.

Lou de Laâge character Mathilde Beaulieu

Agata Buzek character Nun Maria

Agata Kulesza character Mother Superior

Vincent Macaigne character Samuel

Joanna Kulig character Nun Irena

Eliza Rycembel character Teresa

Katarzyna Dąbrowska character Nun Anna

Anna Próchniak character Zofia

Helena Sujecka character Ludwika

Mira Maludzińska character Bibiana

Dorota Kuduk character Nun Wanda

Klara Bielawka character Joanna

Pascal Elso character The Colonel

Thomas Coumans character Gaspard

Leon Latan-Paszek character Wladek

Joanna Fertacz character Zofia's Aunt

Zacharjasz Muszyński character Russian Corporal

Mariusz Jakus character Russian Officer

Tomasz Sobczak character Russian Soldier

Sasza Reznikow character Russian Soldier

Denys Ivenov character Russian Soldier

Paweł Janys character Russian Soldier

Aliaksandr Malchanau character Russian Soldier

Otar Saralidze character Russian Soldier

Artur Janusiak character Russian Soldier

Helena Norowicz character Old Nun

Karolina Zieleń character Nun

Ewa Trzewicarz character Nun

Małgorzata Paprocka character Nun

Marta Mazurek character Nun

Iwona Dombek-Rybczyńska character Nun

Dorota Zielińska character Nun

Aldona Jankowska character Nun

Barbara Sienkiewicz character Nun

Magdalena Gnatowska character Nun

Danuta Borsuk character Nun

Ewa Pałuska character Nun

Katarzyna Skolimowska character Nun

Maria Szadkowska character Nun

Hanna Wolicka character Nun

Anna Korzeniecka character Nun

Irena Telesz-Burczyk character Nun

Wiktoria Adamczyk character Street Child

Franciszek Maziuk character Street Child

Kryspin Kozłowski character Street Child

Radosław Kowieszko character Street Child

Fabian Zajączkowski character Street Child

Julian Plewa character Street Child

Konrad Dzierzkiewicz character Street Child

Maciek Pawelczyk character Street Child

Weronika Humaj character Girl That Danced with Samuel

Karol Paluch character Child of Zofia's Aunt

Kacper Leśniak character Child of Zofia's Aunt

Marek Szukiełojc character Child of Zofia's Aunt

Delfina Wilkońska character Girl in the Bar

Weronika Humaj character Woman That Danced with Samuel

Delfina Wilkońska character Woman in the Bar

Andrzej Rydel character Photographer