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The Hourglass Sanatorium

The Hourglass Sanatorium (2023)
The Hourglass Sanatorium
7.5 from 10 with total 63 votes
124 minutes
A young man named Josef visits a dilapidated Sanatorium to see his father Jakob. On his arrival, a sinister doctor informs him that his father had stopped breathing but hasn\'t died yet, perhaps due to Josef\'s arrival which may have halted time in the sanatorium. Josef undertakes a strange journey through the many rooms of the sanatorium, each which conjures worlds composed of his memories, dreams and nightmares.

Jan Nowicki character Józef

Tadeusz Kondrat character Jakub - Józef's father

Irena Orska character Józef's mother

Halina Kowalska character Adela

Gustaw Holoubek character Dr. Gotard

Mieczysław Voit character Blind Conductor

Bożena Adamek character Bianka

Ludwik Benoit character Szloma

Henryk Boukołowski character Fireman

Seweryn Dalecki character Teodor

Julian Jabczyński character Dignitary

Jerzy Przybylski character Mr. de Voss

Wiktor Sadecki character Dignitary

Janina Sokołowska character Nurse

Wojciech Standełło character Jew Interlocutor in Restaurant

Tadeusz Schmidt character Officer

Szymon Szurmiej character Jewish Man Reciting False Qoheleth's Verses

Jan Szurmiej character Instructive Jewish Man

Michał Szwejlich character Jewish Man by the Ladder

Paweł Unrug character Ornithologist

Filip Zylber character Rudolf

Marek Barbasiewicz character Waiter (as M. Barbasiewicz)

Jerzy Bekker character Wax Figure of Napoleon III (as J. Bekker)

Jerzy Braszka character Wax Figure of Leatherstocking (as J. Braszka)

Zofia Bajuk character Wax Figure of Queen Elizabeth (as Z. Bajuk)

Emir Buczacki character Wax Figure of Benito Juarez (as J. E. Buczacki)

Romuald Drobaczyński character (as R. Drobaczynski)

Andrzej Herder character Wax Figure of Buffalo Bill (as A. Herder)

Jolanta Hanisz character Bianka's Mother (as J. Hanisz)

Jerzy Janeczek character Wax Figure of Luigi Lucheni (as J. Janeczek)

Marek Jasiński character (as M. Jasinski)

Elżbieta Kijowska character (as E. Kijowska)

Leszek Kowalewski character Wax Figure of a Young Genius (as L. Kowalewski)

Mirosława Lombardo character Wax Figure of Queen Draga (as M. Lombardo)

Irena Malkiewicz character Lady in Black (as I. Malkiewicz)

Boleslaw Mierzejewski character Wax Figure of Franz Joseph I (as B. Mierzejewski)

Wlodzimierz Nowak character Wax Figure of Archduke Maximilian (as W. Nowak)

Barbara Okonska-Kozlowska character Tluja (as B. Okonska-Kozlowska)

Stanislaw Olczyk character Wax Figure of Victor Emmanuel (as S. Olczyk)

Józef Łodyński character Majordomo in Panopticon (as J. Lodynski)

Czesław Piaskowski character Wax Figure of Otto von Bismarck (as Cz. Piaskowski)

P. Podgórski character Wax Figure of Maximilien de Robespierre

Barbara Rogalska character (as B. Rogalska)

Wladyslaw Sitko character Wax Figure of Alfred Dreyfus (as W. Sitko)

Waldemar Gawlik character Unnamed Character (uncredited)

Jolanta Jackowska character Wax Figure of Charlotte Corday (uncredited)

Alicja Kluba character Wax Figure of George Sand (uncredited)

Leopold Rene Nowak character Rudy / Ptak (uncredited)

Jerzy Trela character Wesolek (uncredited)

Stanisław Tylczyński character Wax Figure of Thomas Edison (uncredited)