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The Hidden Fortress

The Hidden Fortress (2024)
The Hidden Fortress
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139 minutes
Japanese peasants Matashichi and Tahei try and fail to make a profit from a tribal war. They find a man and woman whom they believe are simple tribe members hiding in a fortress. Although the peasants don\'t know that Rokurota is a general and Yuki is a princess, the peasants agree to accompany the pair to safety in return for gold. Along the way, the general must prove his expertise in battle while also hiding his identity.

Toshirō Mifune character Rokurota Makabe

Minoru Chiaki character Tahei

Kamatari Fujiwara character Matashichi

Misa Uehara character Princess Yuki

Susumu Fujita character General Hyoe Tadokoro

Takashi Shimura character Izumi Nagakura

Eiko Miyoshi character Old Lady-in-Waiting (uncredited)

Toshiko Higuchi character Farmer's Daughter bought from slave trader (uncredited)

Yû Fujiki character Barrier guard (uncredited)

Yoshio Tsuchiya character Samurai on horse (uncredited)

Kokuten Kōdō character Old man in front of sign (uncredited)

Takeshi Katō character Fleeing, bloody samurai (uncredited)

Kōji Mitsui character Guard (uncredited)

Toranosuke Ogawa character Magistrate of the bridge barrier (uncredited)

Kichijirô Ueda character Slave Trader (uncredited)

Nakajirô Tomita character Potential slave buyer (uncredited)

Yoshifumi Tajima character Potential slave buyer (uncredited)

Ikio Sawamura character Gambler (uncredited)

Senkichi Ômura character Soldier (uncredited)

Sachio Sakai character Captured foot soldier (uncredited)

Makoto Satō character Yamada foot soldier (uncredited)

Yoshio Kosugi character Akisuki soldier (uncredited)

Akira Tani character Captured foot soldier (uncredited)

Yutaka Sada character Guard at bridge barrier (uncredited)

Takeo Oikawa character Guard at pass barrier (uncredited)

Tadao Nakamaru character Young Man (uncredited)

Takuzō Kumagai character Yamana foot soldier (as Jirô Kumagai) (uncredited)

Shôichi Hirose character Yamana soldier (uncredited)

Etsurô Saijô character Yamana samurai (uncredited)

Masayoshi Nagashima character Yamana samurai (uncredited)

Fuminori Ôhashi character Samurai (uncredited)

Shin Ôtomo character Samurai on horseback (uncredited)

Minoru Itô character Samurai on horseback (uncredited)

Haruo Suzuki character Samurai on horseback (uncredited)

Shigekatsu Kanazawa character Samurai on horseback (uncredited)

Kazuo Higata character (uncredited)

Haruo Nakajima character Akisuki soldier (uncredited)

Ryû Kuze character Akitsuki soldier (uncredited)

Ichirô Chiba character Yamana foot soldier (uncredited)

Shigemi Sunagawa character (uncredited)

Rinsaku Ogata character Second Young Man (uncredited)

Hiroyoshi Yamaguchi character Samurai on horseback (uncredited)

Haruya Sakamoto character Samurai on horseback (uncredited)