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The Heroin Busters

The Heroin Busters (2024)
The Heroin Busters
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132 minutes
Drug use in the city of Rome is at an all-time high. Children score from dealers in front of their schools, mules waltz straight through airport security, and Interpol\'s main man, Mike Hamilton (David Hemmings), is at his wits\' end. Fed up to the back teeth with the local police force\'s incompetence, his only hope is to rely on one of his own men, Fabio (Fabio Testi), an officer so deep undercover that no-one but Hamilton knows who he really is. Even as Fabio gains the trust of cartel leader Gianni (John Loffredo), however, the dealers are edging ever closer to the truth, and when his cover is blown, the hunter becomes the hunted as Fabio finds himself alone in a desperate fight to survive.

Fabio Testi character Fabio

David Hemmings character Mike Hamilton

Sherry Buchanan character Vera

Wolfango Soldati character Gilo

Joshua Sinclair character Gianni

Stefania Girolami Goodwin character Student

Romano Puppo character Enforcer

Massimo Vanni character Massimo

Leonardo Scavino character Grass

Salvatore Billa character Detective

Patrizia Webley character Blonde Lesbian

Angelo Ragusa character Spacciatore

Sergio Ruggeri character Doppiato da Glauco Onorato

Giovanni Bonadonna character Uomo della banda degli spacciatori

Guido Cerniglia character Colonel

Roberto Dell'Acqua character Luciano, Leroy's Henchman

Margherita Horowitz character Drug Addict's Mother

Fulvio Mingozzi character Brigadier / Customs

Giuliano Sestili character Police

Franco Ukmar character Police

Enzo G. Castellari character Special Agent in Amsterdam

Rocco Lerro character Juan Martinez

Nestore Cavaricci character Carabiniere

Filippo Perego character Lawyer

Alberto Cracco character Paolo

Stefania Girolami Goodwin character College Student

Dino Cassio character Airport Finance Officer

Benito Pacifico character Genoese Assassin

Claudio Ruffini character Large Henchman

Ottaviano Dell'Acqua character Man in Fight

Franco Fantasia character Jeweller

Stefania Spugnini character Drug Addict

Renzo Pevarello character Carabiniere

Sergio Testori character Drug Lab Worker

Claudio Zucchet character Police Officer

Sergio Ukmar character Carabiniere

Domenico Cianfriglia character Drug Lab Worker

Sergio Soldano character Genoese Contact

Adolfo Belletti character Cafe Owner