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The Dirt

The Dirt (2024)
The Dirt
7.506 from 10 with total 1073 votes
108 minutes
The story of Mötley Crüe and their rise from the Sunset Strip club scene of the early 1980s to superstardom.

Machine Gun Kelly character Tommy Lee

Erin Ownbey character Excited Partygoer

Douglas Booth character Nikki Sixx

Aaron Jay Rome character Kayla's Boyfriend

Daniel Webber character Vince Neil

Alyssa Marie Stilwell character Kayla

Brittany Furlan character Biker Chick

Iwan Rheon character Mick Mars

Trace Masters character Frank Feranna, Jr., Age 8

Matthew Underwood character Gino

Kathryn Morris character Deana

Vince Mattis character Frank Feranna, Jr.

Mark Ashworth character Deana's Boyfriend

Avis-Marie Barnes character Officer

Eleanor Threatt character County Clerk

Joe Chrest character David

Elena Evangelo character Voula

Courtney Dietz character Athena

Kabby Borders character Tommy's Girlfriend

Carol Ann Scruggs character Dottie

Peter Jaymes Jr. character Rick

Katherine Neff character Lovey

Bernard Hocke character Mick's Doctor

David Kallaway character Starwood Bouncer

Ethan McGee character First Fan

Betsy Holt character Vince's Groupie

Pete Davidson character Tom Zutaut

Sylvia Grace Crim character Restaurant Groupie

Lucius Falick character Drunk Dude

Christian Gehring character David Lee Roth

David Costabile character Doc McGhee

Alexanne Wagner character Tom Zutaut's Girlfriend

Melanie Hebert character MTV VJ

Tony Cavalero character Ozzy Osbourne

Leven Rambin character Sharise

Max Milner character Razzle

Jordan Lane Price character Roxy

Kristin Brock character Party Guest

Rebekah Graf character Heather Locklear

Scott Walker character News Anchor

Iris D'Aquin character Skylar, Age 2

Lyra D'Aquin character Skylar, Age 2

Joshua Mikel character Drug Dealer

Blaine Kern III character Addict

Martin Bats Bradford character Paramedic #1

Anthony Marble character Paramedic #2

Kamryn Ragsdale character Skylar

Anthony Vincent Valbiro character John Corabi

Ladson Deyne character Bartender

Michael Hodson character Randy Feranna

Martin Covert character Stage Manager

Kennedy Anthony character Denny's Daughter (uncredited)

Michael Anthony character Self (archive footage) (uncredited)

Katira Banks character Concert Patron (uncredited)

Charles Barber character Motley Security (uncredited)

William Buster Benefield character Concert Goer (uncredited)

Johnathan Calton character Firefighter (uncredited)

Kadrolsha Ona Carole character Rocker Mom (uncredited)

Alisha Carter character Rocker Mom (uncredited)

Mary Cazes character Tropicana Stripper (uncredited)

Devin Lord Chachere character Valet (uncredited)

Rebecca Chulew character Mourner (uncredited)

Renee Compton character Concert Goer (uncredited)

Karen Dalferes character Concert Goer (uncredited)

Gordon Dexheimer character Bar Patron (uncredited)

Sean P Douglas character Rowdy Meathead (uncredited)

John Frederick character Party Guest (uncredited)

Chad Governale character Hospital Parent (uncredited)

Sammy Hagar character Self (archive footage) (uncredited)

Forrest Jade character Concert Goer (uncredited)

Zelda Kimble character Party Guest (uncredited)

Steve Kish character Arena Security (uncredited)

Tommy Lee character Self (archive footage) (uncredited)

Gary Wayne Loper character Security Guard (uncredited)

Jocelyn-Brooke Manuel character Party Goer (uncredited)

Mick Mars character Self (archive footage) (uncredited)

David L. Marston character Security Guard (uncredited)

Woodrow Eduard McCarthy character Concert Goer (uncredited)

Mike R. Moreau character Sharise's Father (uncredited)

Christopher Morris character Rock Fan (uncredited)

Vince Neil character Self (archive footage) (uncredited)

Erik Olsen character Radio Creep (uncredited)

Edward Parker character Hospital Visitor (uncredited)

Sean Powell character Fireman (uncredited)

Lindsey Reimann character Studio Assistant (uncredited)

Helena Sadvary character Early Fan Girl (uncredited)

Leanne Scarbro character Concert Goer (uncredited)

Nikki Sixx character Self (archive footage) (uncredited)

Clayton Smith character Heroin Addict (uncredited)

Toney Chapman Steele character Strip Club Patron (uncredited)

Jessica Dawson Strong character Groupie (uncredited)

Richard Blake Suarez character Concert Goer (uncredited)

Sue-Lynn Ansari character Backstage Vixen (uncredited)

Meiyee Apple Tam character Doctor #2 (uncredited)

Alex Van Halen character Self (archive footage) (uncredited)

Eddie Van Halen character Self (archive footage) (uncredited)

Amanda Marie Wilkinson character Crue Groupie (uncredited)

Christina Michelle Williams character Concert Goer (uncredited)