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The Cranes Are Flying

The Cranes Are Flying (2023)
The Cranes Are Flying
8.2 from 10 with total 177 votes
97 minutes
Veronika and Boris come together in Moscow shortly before World War II. Walking along the river, they watch cranes fly overhead, and promise to rendezvous before Boris leaves to fight. Boris misses the meeting and is off to the front lines, while Veronika waits patiently, sending letters faithfully. After her house is bombed, Veronika moves in with Boris\' family, into the company of a cousin with his own intentions.

Tatyana Samoylova character Veronika

Aleksey Batalov character Boris

Vasili Merkuryev character Fyodor Ivanovich

Aleksandr Shvorin character Mark

Svetlana Kharitonova character Irina

Konstantin Kadochnikov character Volodya

Valentin Zubkov character Stepan

Antonina Bogdanova character Grandmother

Boris Kokovkin character Chernov

Ekaterina Kupriyanova character Anna Mikhailovna

Valentina Ananina character Lyuba

Valentina Vladimirova character woman soldier

Olga Dzisko character Dasha

Leonid Knyazev character Sachkov

Georgiy Kulikov character Kuzmin

Daniil Netrebin character wounded man

Aleksandr Popov character Borya

Irina Preis character Antonina Monastyrskaya

Nikolai Smorchkov character Zakharov

Galina Stepanova character Veronika's mother

Klarina Frolova-Vorontsova character guest at the party

Georgiy Shamshurin character Veronika's father

Lyubov Studneva character Stepan's mother (uncredited)

Valentina Berezutskaya character snub-nosed girl on seeing off (uncredited)

Leonid Alekseyev character old man (uncredited)

Alevtina Rumyantseva character girl on seeing off (uncredited)

Lyubov Sokolova character woman soldier (uncredited)

Anatoliy Dudorov character military man (uncredited)

Mikhail Semenikhin character wounded man in the hospital (uncredited)

Vasiliy Fushchich character wounded man in the hospital (uncredited)

Aleksandr Degtyar character soldier with a child (uncredited)

Maya Bulgakova character greeter woman on the station (uncredited)

Lidiya Vinogradova character woman soldier (uncredited)