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The Comancheros

The Comancheros (2024)
The Comancheros
6.9 from 10 with total 93 votes
105 minutes
Texas Ranger Jake Cutter arrests gambler Paul Regret, but soon finds himself teamed with his prisoner in an undercover effort to defeat a band of renegade arms merchants and thieves known as Comancheros.

John Wayne character Jake Cutter

Stuart Whitman character Paul Regret

Ina Balin character Pilar Graile

Nehemiah Persoff character Graile

Lee Marvin character Crow

Michael Ansara character Amelung

Patrick Wayne character Tobe (Texas Ranger)

Bruce Cabot character Maj. Henry (Ranger CO)

Joan O'Brien character Melinda Marshall

Jack Elam character Horseface (Comanchero)

Edgar Buchanan character Circuit Court Judge Thaddeus Jackson Breen

Henry Daniell character Gireaux

Richard Devon character Esteban

Guinn Williams character Ed McBain - Gunrunner (uncredited)

Phil Arnold character Nervous Drunk (uncredited)

Anne Barton character Martha Schofield (uncredited)

Steve Baylor character Comanchero (uncredited)

Danny Borzage character Barfly (uncredited)

Don Brodie character Card Dealer (uncredited)

Alan Carney character Stillwater Bartender (uncredited)

Iphigenie Castiglioni character Josefina (uncredited)

Dennis Cole character Blonde Youth (uncredited)

Booth Colman character Hotel Clerk (uncredited)

Jackie Cubat character Fuzzy - Hotel Girl (uncredited)

Gabriel Curtiz character Marsac (uncredited)

John Dierkes character Ranger Bill Larsen (uncredited)

Ilana Dowding character Mary Schofield (uncredited)

William Fawcett character Poker Player (uncredited)

Eric Feldary character Valtin (uncredited)

Joe Gray character Minor Role (uncredited)

Lenmana Guerin character Indian Maid (uncredited)

Claude Hall character Ranger (uncredited)

Tom Hennesy character Gordo - Graile's Bodyguard (uncredited)

Tom Hernández character Croupier (uncredited)

Joseph La Cava character Dealer (uncredited)

George J. Lewis character Chief Iron Shirt (uncredited)

Jon Lormer character White-Haired Man on Riverboat (uncredited)