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The Charterhouse of Parma

The Charterhouse of Parma (2024)
The Charterhouse of Parma
6.4 from 10 with total 8 votes
170 minutes
This adaptation of Stendhal\'s timeless masterpiece of French literature tells the tale of Fabrice Del Dongo (Grard Philipe) a young archibishop who gives his heart and soul to romance rather than to the Church creating upheaval in the lives of evergone around him the Countess of Sanseverine (Maria Casares) is but one of the may women who love him. In turn she incurs jealous retributions from those in high places who desire her. For his crimes Fabrice is thrown in Prison where from Crimes Fabrice is thrown in prison where form his lonely window he falls in love with his jailer s daughter and plans a daring escape she however calls his plan insane and takes a vow to the Virgin Mary to never see him again ever if his escape succeeds the Charterhouse of Parma explodes with conflicting desires man s desire form God vs. his desire for romance.

Gérard Philipe character le marquis Fabrice Del Dong

Renée Faure character Clelia Conti

María Casares character la duchesse Gina de San Severina

Louis Salou character le prince Ernest IV

Louis Seigner character Grillo - le gardien de la Tour Farnese

Tullio Carminati character Le comte Mosca, le premier ministre

Lucien Coëdel character Rassi, le chef de la police (as Lucien Coedel)

Aldo Silvani character Le général Conti, gouverneur de la prison de Parme

Maria Michi character Marietta

Claudio Gora character Le marquis Crescenzi

Mario Gallina character L'aubergiste

Nerio Bernardi character La mari de Fausta (uncredited)

Renato Chiantoni character Le soldat a la lettre anonyme (uncredited)

Emilio Cigoli character (uncredited)

Attilio Dottesio character Ferrante Palla (uncredited)

Claudio Ermelli character L'espion de Mosca (uncredited)

Enrico Glori character Gilletti, l'acteur de théâtre (uncredited)

Walter Grant character (uncredited)

Cosetta Greco character (uncredited)

Tina Lattanzi character La princesse Marie-Louise de Bourbon-Parme (uncredited)

Achille Majeroni character L'évêque (uncredited)

Lina Marengo character Una signora curiosa (uncredited)

Enzo Musumeci Greco character (uncredited)

Evelina Paoli character La grande duchesse (uncredited)

Fernand Rauzéna character (uncredited)

Laura Redi character Fausta (uncredited)

Dina Romano character Manamaccia (uncredited)

Michele Sakara character (uncredited)

Jone Salinas character (uncredited)

Ermete Tamberlani character Le prêtre (uncredited)