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The 355

The 355 (2024)
The 355
6.1 from 10 with total 531 votes
122 minutes
A group of top female agents from American, British, Chinese, Colombian, and German government agencies are drawn together to try and stop an organization from acquiring a deadly weapon to send the world into chaos.

Jessica Chastain character Mason 'Mace' Brown

Lupita Nyong'o character Khadijah Adiyeme

Penélope Cruz character Graciela Rivera

Diane Kruger character Marie Schmidt

Fan Bingbing character Lin Mi Sheng

Sebastian Stan character Nick Fowler

Edgar Ramírez character Luis Rojas

Jason Flemyng character Elijah Clarke

Sylvester Groth character Jonas Muller

John Douglas Thompson character Larry Marks

Jason Wong character Stevens

Leo Staar character Grady

Raphael Acloque character Abdel

Pablo Scola character Santiago

Marcello Cruz character Jeronimo

Hiten Patel character Morocco Market / Mosque

Evie Wray character Mum

Toby Sauerback character Auction Guest

Francisco Labbe character Juan

Waleed Elgadi character Yassine

Martyn Mayger character Auction Guest

Nina Kumar character Morocco Market Customer

Atul Sharma character Morocco Market Customer

Alexis Barbosa character French Man

Michelle Thomas character Auction Guest

Paul O'Kelly character Auction Guest

Amanda Rabinowitz character Waitress

Sam Shoubber character Auction Guest

Maurice Sardison character Auction Guest

David Olawale Ayinde character Auction Guest

Marta Svetek character CIA Operative

Emilio Insolera character Hacker

Steve Saunders character Auction Guest

Mick Slaney character Auction Guest

Oleg Kricunova character Pyotr Khasanov

Yoon C. Joyce character Hwan Ha Jun

Jag Patel character Morocco Market Seller

Emily Ng character Chinese Police

Bodo Friesecke character German Man

Michael Haydon character Auction Guest

Amra Mallassi character Man At Reception

Metin Hassan character Arab Prince

Dee Pearce character Auction Guest

Keith Lomas character Auction Guest

Nicholas Blatt character Auction Guest

Mariia Legun character Student

David Yu character Lin Jien

Gino Picciano character Merchant

Patrick Loh character Auction Guest

Toni Beard character Auction Guest

Peter Trevor character Wealthy Auction Guest

Al Clark character Auction Guest

Graham Burton character Auction Guest

Chris Grifoni character Auction Guest

Jeremy Oliver character Dock Worker

Lee Simmons character Dock Worker

Yun Lai character Chinese Tourist

Adam Strawford character Rajiv

Rina Yadav character Morocco Market Customer

Zsuzsanna Bíró character Auction Date

Graham J. Reeves character Auction Guest

Indy Singh character Auction Bidder

Lee Wilkinson character Grey Haired Man

Maryam Hashemi character Morocco Market Customer

Eddie Arnold character Agent Team Leader Ramirez