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Texas (2024)
6.5 from 10 with total 15 votes
93 minutes
Two Virginians are heading for a new life in Texas when they witness a stagecoach being held up. They decide to rob the robbers and make off with the loot. To escape a posse, they split up and don\'t see each other again for a long time. When they do meet up again, they find themselves on different sides of the law. This leads to the increasing estrangement of the two men, who once thought of themselves as brothers.

William Holden character Dan Thomas

Glenn Ford character Tod Ramsey

Claire Trevor character Michael 'Mike' King

George Bancroft character Windy Miller

Edgar Buchanan character Buford 'Doc' Thorpe

Don Beddoe character Sheriff

Andrew Tombes character Tennessee

Addison Richards character Matt Lashan

Edmund MacDonald character Comstock

Joseph Crehan character Rancher Dusty King

Willard Robertson character Rancher Wilson

Pat Moriarity character Rancher Matthews (as Patrick Moriarty)

Edmund Cobb character Rancher Blaire

Clem Bevans character Abilene Fight Spectator (uncredited)

Bud Geary character Ringsider (uncredited)

Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian character Matt Sawyer - Fighter (uncredited)

Lyle Latell character Dutch Henry (uncredited)

Kermit Maynard character Cowboy in Saloon (uncredited)

Merrill McCormick character Texas Rancher (uncredited)

Dan White character Ringsider (uncredited)

Carleton Young character Lashan Cowhand

Fred Aldrich character Ringsider

Gene Alsace character Barfly

Jack Baxley character Kansas Court Bailiff

Hank Bell character Hank - King Ranch Foreman

Tex Cooper character Ringsider

Jack Evans character Barfly

Al Ferguson character Jim's Friend

Richard Fiske character Red, Fight Timekeeper

James Flavin character Abilene Fight Announcer

William Gould character Parkhill - Abilene Cattle Buyer

Harrison Greene character Cattle Buyer from New Orleans

Raymond Hatton character Abilene Judge

Otto Hoffman character Saddle Artisan

Jack Ingram character Lashan Henchman

Ethan Laidlaw character Ringsider

George Lloyd character Walt - Bartender

Arthur Loft character Cattleman

Cactus Mack character Lashan Henchman

Art Mix character Lashan Henchman

George Morrell character Texas Rancher

Charles Murphy character Cattleman at Meeting

Merlyn Nelson character Texas Stage Driver

Bud Osborne character Cattleman at Meeting

Ralph Peters character Deputy

Matty Roubert character Townsman

Rudy Sooter character Musician

Al Taylor character Cattleman at Meeting

Harry Tenbrook character Handler / Cornerman at Fight

Al Thompson character Doc

Jack Tornek character Kansas Barfly

Max Wagner character Fats Delaney

Duke York character Wise Guy

Victor Travis character Cattleman at Meeting