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Sands of Iwo Jima

Sands of Iwo Jima (2024)
Sands of Iwo Jima
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100 minutes
The relationship between Sergeant Stryker and a group of rebellious recruits is made difficult by the Sergeant\'s tough training tactics. At Tarawa, the leathernecks have a chance to see Stryker in action, and begin to appreciate him.

John Wayne character Sgt John M Stryker

John Agar character Pfc Peter Conway

Adele Mara character Allison Bromley

Forrest Tucker character Pfc Al Thomas

Wally Cassell character Pfc. Benny Regazzi

James Brown character Pfc. Charlie Bass

Richard Webb character Pfc. 'Handsome' Dan Shipley

Arthur Franz character Cpl. Robert Dunne / Narrator

Julie Bishop character Mary

James Holden character Pfc. Soames

Peter Coe character Pfc. George Hellenpolis

Richard Jaeckel character Pfc. Frank Flynn

William Murphy character Pfc. Eddie Flynn

George Tyne character Pfc. Harris

Hal Baylor character Pvt. 'Sky' Choynski

John McGuire character Capt. Joyce

Martin Milner character Pvt. Mike McHugh

Leonard Gumley character Pvt. Sid Stein

William Self character Pvt. L.D. Fowler Jr.

David M. Shoup character Colonel D. M. Shoup

H.P. Crowe character Lt. Col. H. P Crowe

Harold G. Schrier character Captain Harold G. Schrier

Rene A. Gagnon character Pfc Rene A Gagnon

Ira H. Hayes character Pfc Ira H. Hayes

John H. Bradley character PM3c John H. Bradley

Conrad Binyon character Marine (uncredited)

David Clarke character Wounded Marine (uncredited)

Fred A. Datig character Marine (uncredited)

Bruce Edwards character Marine (uncredited)

Dorothy Ford character Tall Girl (uncredited)

Carole Gallagher character USO Woman (uncredited)

Fred Graham character Officer (uncredited)

Don Haggerty character Colonel in Staff Car (uncredited)

Gil Herman character Lt. Baker (uncredited)

William Hudson character Marine (uncredited)

I. Stanford Jolley character Forrestal (uncredited)

Dickie Jones character Scared Marine (uncredited)

Billy Lechner character Marine (uncredited)

Mickey McCardle character Marine (uncredited)

Roger McGee character Sailor (uncredited)

Al Murphy character Bartender (uncredited)

Frank O'Connor character Waiter in Bar (uncredited)

Judy Sochor character USO Woman (uncredited)

Glen Vernon character Marine (uncredited)

Steve Wayne character Marine (uncredited)

Dick Wessel character Grenade Instructor (uncredited)

Ted White character Marine (uncredited)

John Whitney character Lt. Thompson (uncredited)

Joy Windsor character USO Woman (uncredited)