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Nimby – Not In My Backyard

Nimby – Not In My Backyard (2022)
Nimby – Not In My Backyard
5.5 from 10 with total 7 votes
93 minutes
Mervi is a gay girl living in the hipster quarters of Helsinki. She has been together with Kata for a year, and now they are encouraged by the circumstances to come out from closet. When they do, Mervi realises that she is not the only one in her family with secrets – her parents have been living in an open-bisexual-swinger-relationship for 20 years. On the other hand Kata is pretty surprised that she might be living with a hetero girl that once was dating a neo-nazi. And the ex-boy friend cannot swallow that Mervi is now with a person both of wrong color, and sex. The real threat appears when Kata’s parents arrive from Berlin and the local skinhead chief finds out that a black muslim celebrity politician has arrived to town.

Susanna Pukkila character Mervi Hirvi

Almila Bagriacik character Kata Mohsen

Elias Westerberg character Mika Jalonen

Matti Onnismaa character Artsi

Mari Rantasila character Kaisa Hirvi

Antti Reini character Topi Hirvi

Ona Kamu character Minttu Jalonen

Jouko Puolanto character Osmo Jalonen

Leila Abdullah character Farrah Mohsen

Stephan Schad character Hermann Haettenschweiler

Hannamaija Nikander character Janika

Hannes Suominen character Teuvo

Youssef Asad Alkhatib character Amir

Jalal Haj Ali character Ahmed

Hassan Alsaleh character Jamal

Rami Rusinen character Mailman

Markus Karekallas character Salonen

Matti Rönkä character News anchor

Cerstin Cassidy character News anchor

Kersti Ahlgren character Reporter

Frank Wiedmann character Reporter