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Nicholas and Alexandra

Nicholas and Alexandra (2022)
Nicholas and Alexandra
7.1 from 10 with total 35 votes
189 minutes
Tsar Nicholas II, the inept last monarch of Russia, insensitive to the needs of his people, is overthrown and exiled to Siberia with his family.

Michael Jayston character Nicholas

Janet Suzman character Alexandra

Roderic Noble character Alexis

Ania Marson character Olga

Lynne Frederick character Tatiana

Candance Glendenning character Marie

Harry Andrews character Grand Duke Nicholas (Nikolasha)

Fiona Fullerton character Anastasia

Katherine Schofield character Tegleva

Irene Worth character The Queen Mother Marie Fedorovna

Tom Baker character Rasputin

Jack Hawkins character Count Fredericks

Timothy West character Dr. Botkin

Jean-Claude Drouot character Gilliard

John Hallam character Nagorny

Guy Rolfe character Dr. Fedorov

John Wood character Col. Kobylinsky

Laurence Olivier character Count Witte

Eric Porter character Stolypin

Michael Redgrave character Sazonov

Maurice Denham character Kokovtsov

Ralph Truman character Rodzianko

Gordon Gostelow character Guchkov

John McEnery character Kerensky

Michael Bryant character Lenin

Vivian Pickles character Mme. Krupskaya

Brian Cox character Trotsky

James Hazeldine character Stalin

Steven Berkoff character Pankratov

Ian Holm character Yakovlev

Alan Webb character Yurovsky

Leon Lissek character Avadayev

Curd Jürgens character German Consul to Switzerland

Julian Glover character Gapon

David Giles character Goloshchekin

Roy Detrice character General Alexeiev

Martin Potter character Prince Yussoupov

Richard Warwick character Grand Duke Dmitry

Vernon Dobtcheff character Dr. Lazovert

Alexander Knox character The American Ambassador

Ralph Neville character The British Ambassador

Jorge Rigaud character The French Ambassador

John Shrapnel character Petya

Diana Quick character Sonya

Frank Braña character Royal Sentry at Winter Palace (uncredited)

John Forbes-Robertson character Colonel Voikov

Alan Dalton character Flautist

David Baxter character Young Bolshevik

Penny Sugg character Young Opera Singer