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The Longest Day

The Longest Day (2024)
The Longest Day
7.6 from 10 with total 574 votes
178 minutes
The retelling of June 6, 1944, from the perspectives of the Germans, US, British, Canadians, and the Free French. Marshall Erwin Rommel, touring the defenses being established as part of the Reich\'s Atlantic Wall, notes to his officers that when the Allied invasion comes they must be stopped on the beach. \"For the Allies as well as the Germans, it will be the longest day\"

John Wayne character Col. Benjamin Vandervoort

Henry Fonda character Brig. Gen. Theodore Roosevelt jr.

Robert Mitchum character Brig. Gen. Norman Cota

Richard Burton character Flying Officer David Campbell

Curd Jürgens character Maj. Gen. Gunther Blumentritt

Eddie Albert character Col. Thompson

Paul Anka character U.S. Army Ranger

Arletty character Madame Barrault

Jean-Louis Barrault character Father Louis Roulland

Richard Beymer character Pvt. Dutch Schultz

Hans Christian Blech character Maj. Werner Pluskat

Bourvil character Le maire de Colleville

Wolfgang Büttner character Maj. Gen. Dr. Hans Speidel

Red Buttons character Pvt. John Steele

Pauline Carton character Maid

Sean Connery character Pvt. Flanagan

Ray Danton character Capt. Frank

Irina Demick character Janine Boitard

Fred Dur character U.S. Army Ranger major

Fabian character U.S. Army Ranger

Mel Ferrer character Maj. Gen. Robert Haines

Steve Forrest character Capt. Harding

Gert Fröbe character Sgt. Kaffekanne

Leo Genn character Brig. Gen. Edwin P. Parker Jr.

John Gregson character British Padre

Paul Hartmann character Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt

Peter Helm character Young GI

Werner Hinz character Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

Donald Houston character RAF Pilot

Jeffrey Hunter character Sgt. (later Lt.) John H. Fuller

Karl John character Gen. Wolfgang Hager

Alexander Knox character Maj. Gen. Walter Bedell Smith

Peter Lawford character Lord Lovat

Fernand Ledoux character Louis

Christian Marquand character Cmdr. Philippe Kieffer (commando leader)

Dewey Martin character Sgt. Wilder

Roddy McDowall character Pvt. Morris

Michael Medwin character Pvt. Watney

Sal Mineo character Pvt. Martini

Kenneth More character Capt. Colin Maud

Richard Münch character Gen. Erich Marcks

Edmond O'Brien character Gen. Raymond D. Barton

Leslie Phillips character RAF Officer Mac

Wolfgang Preiss character Maj. Gen. Max Pemsel

Ron Randell character Joe Williams

Madeleine Renaud character Mother Superior

Georges Rivière character Sgt. Guy de Montlaur

Norman Rossington character Pvt. Clough

Robert Ryan character Brig. Gen. James M. Gavin

Tommy Sands character U.S. Army Ranger

George Segal character U.S. Army Ranger

Jean Servais character RAdm. Janjard

Rod Steiger character Destroyer Commander

Richard Todd character Maj. John Howard

Tom Tryon character Lt. Wilson

Peter van Eyck character Lt. Col. Ocker

Robert Wagner character U.S. Army Ranger

Richard Wattis character British Paratrooper

Stuart Whitman character Lt. Sheen

Georges Wilson character Alexandre Renaud

Patrick Barr character Group Capt. J.N. Stagg (uncredited)

Lyndon Brook character Lt. Walsh (uncredited)

John Crawford character Col. Caffey (uncredited)

Armin Dahlen character Blumentritt's Adjutant (uncredited)

Mark Damon character Pvt. Harris (uncredited)

Richard Dawson character British Soldier (uncredited)

Eugene Deckers character German Soldier (uncredited)

Gil Delamare character French Commando (uncredited)

Frank Finlay character Pvt. Coke (uncredited)

Harry Fowler character British Paratrooper (uncredited)

Bernard Fox character Pvt. Hutchinson (uncredited)

Robert Freitag character Meyer's Aide (uncredited)

Bernard Fresson character French Commando (uncredited)

Lutz Gabor character Bit Part (uncredited)

Arnold Gelderman character German Guard on Traintreck (uncredited)

Harold Goodwin character British Soldier (uncredited)

Walter Gotell character German soldier (uncredited)

Henry Grace character Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower (uncredited)

Ruth Hausmeister character Frau Maria Rommel (uncredited)

Jack Hedley character RAF Briefing Officer (uncredited)

Michael Hinz character Manfred Rommel (uncredited)

Walter Horsbrugh character Adm. Creasey (uncredited)

Til Kiwe character Capt. Helmuth Lang (uncredited)

Harry Landis character British Soldier (uncredited)

Wolfgang Lukschy character Col. Gen. Alfred Jodl (uncredited)

Victor Maddern character Camp Cook (uncredited)

Howard Marion-Crawford character Glider Doctor (uncredited)

Neil McCallum character Canadian Doctor (uncredited)

John Meillon character RAdm. Alan G. Kirk (uncredited)

Kurt Meisel character Capt. Ernst During (uncredited)

Gérard Moisan character Paratrooper (uncredited)

Tony Mordente character Cook (uncredited)

Bill Nagy character Major in Ste. Mère-Eglise (uncredited)

Rainer Penkert character Lt. Fritz Theen (uncredited)

Malte Petzel character German Officer with Rupert (uncredited)

John Phillips character Roosevelt's Aide (uncredited)

Siân Phillips character WRNS Officer (uncredited)

Maurice Poli character Jean (uncredited)

Hartmut Reck character Sgt. Bernhard Bergsdorf (uncredited)

Trevor Reid character Gen. Sir Bernard L. Montgomery (uncredited)

Heinz Reincke character Col. Josef 'Pips' Priller (uncredited)

Paul Edwin Roth character Col. Schiller (uncredited)

Dietmar Schönherr character Luftwaffe Major (uncredited)

Ernst Schröder character Gen. Hans von Salmuth (uncredited)

Hans Söhnker character Deutscher Offizier (uncredited)

Heinz Spitzner character Lt. Col. Helmuth Meyer (uncredited)

Nicholas Stuart character Lt. Gen. Omar N. Bradley (uncredited)

Alice Tissot character Housekeeper (uncredited)

Michel Tureau character French Commando (uncredited)

Roland Urban character Paratrooper (uncredited)

Vicco von Bülow character Pemsel's adjutant (uncredited)

Joe Warfield character US Army Medic (uncredited)

Dominique Zardi character French Spitfire Pilot (uncredited)