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We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes (2024)
We Can Be Heroes
6.3 from 10 with total 354 votes
97 minutes
When alien invaders capture Earth\'s superheroes, their kids must learn to work together to save their parents - and the planet.

YaYa Gosselin character Missy Moreno

Lyon Daniels character Noodles

Andy Walken character Wheels

Hala Finley character Ojo

Lotus Blossom character A Capella

Dylan Henry Lau character Slo-Mo

Andrew Diaz character Facemaker

Isaiah Russell-Bailey character Rewind

Akira Akbar character Fast Forward

Nathan Blair character Wild Card

Vivien Lyra Blair character Guppy

Priyanka Chopra character Ms. Granada

Pedro Pascal character Marcus Moreno

Adriana Barraza character Grandma Moreno

Boyd Holbrook character Miracle Guy

Christian Slater character Tech-No

J.J. Dashnaw character Sharkboy

Taylor Dooley character Lavagirl

Sung Kang character Blinding Fast

Haley Reinhart character Ms. Vox

Christopher McDonald character President Neil Anami

Jill Blackwood character Newscaster #1

John Valley character Newscaster #2

Lauren Hatfield character Field Reporter

Oscar Seung character Personnel #1

Kelli Bland character Personnel #2

Elizabeth Trieu character Operations Tech #1

Grant Garrison character Operations Tech #2

Xavia Amorae character Helpful Kid #1

Zoe An character Helpful Kid #2

Ammie Masterson character Woman In Black

Bryce Eaton character Late Arriving Kid

Alonzo J. Crathers character New Kid

Steven Adler character Mayor Doolittle

J. Quinton Johnson character Crimson Legend

Brittany Perry-Russell character Red Lightning Fury

Jamie Sorrentini character Invisi-Girl

Brently Heilbron character Crushing Low

Brian Coughlin character Head Guard / Laughing Alien Guard

Lee Eddy character Administrator

Nick Stevenson character Alien Admiral

Racer Rodriguez character Helicopter Pilot

Rhiannon Rodriguez character Big Bean