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The Public Enemy

The Public Enemy (2022)
The Public Enemy
7.3 from 10 with total 167 votes
83 minutes
Two young Chicago hoodlums, Tom Powers and Matt Doyle, rise up from their poverty-stricken slum life to become petty thieves, bootleggers and cold-blooded killers. But with street notoriety and newfound wealth, the duo feels the heat from the cops and rival gangsters both. Despite his ruthless criminal reputation, Tom tries to remain connected to his family, however, gang warfare and the need for revenge eventually pull him away.

James Cagney character Tom Powers

Jean Harlow character Gwen Allen

Edward Woods character Matt Doyle

Joan Blondell character Mamie

Donald Cook character Mike Powers

Leslie Fenton character Samuel 'Nails' Nathan

Beryl Mercer character Ma Powers

Robert Emmett O'Connor character Paddy Ryan

Murray Kinnell character Putty Nose

Clark Burroughs character Dutch (uncredited)

Mae Clarke character Kitty (uncredited)

Frank Coghlan Jr. character Tom as a Boy (uncredited)

George Daly character Machine Gunner (uncredited)

Frankie Darro character Matt as a Boy (uncredited)

Snitz Edwards character Miller (uncredited)

Rita Flynn character Molly Doyle (uncredited)

Dorothy Gee character Nails' Girl (uncredited)

Douglas Gerrard character Assistant Tailor (uncredited)

Dorothy Gray character Little Girl (uncredited)

Ben Hendricks Jr. character 'Bugs' Moran as a Boy (uncredited)

Robert Homans character Officer Pat Burke (uncredited)

Eddie Kane character Joe - Headwaiter (uncredited)

Mia Marvin character Jane (uncredited)

Sam McDaniel character Headwaiter (uncredited)

Helen Parrish character Little Girl (uncredited)

Lee Phelps character Steve - Bartender (uncredited)

Russ Powell character Bartender (uncredited)

Purnell Pratt character Officer Powers (uncredited)

Nanci Price character Little Girl (uncredited)

Joe Sawyer character Pool Player (uncredited)

Landers Stevens character Doctor (uncredited)

William H. Strauss character Pawnbroker (uncredited)

Charles Sullivan character Mug (uncredited)

Lucille Ward character Mrs. Dalton (uncredited)

Adele Watson character Mrs. Doyle (uncredited)