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The Promised Land

The Promised Land (2024)
The Promised Land
7.7 from 10 with total 132 votes
127 minutes
Denmark, 1755. Captain Ludvig Kahlen sets out to conquer a Danish heath reputed to be uncultivable, with an impossible goal: to establish a colony in the name of the king, in exchange for a royal title. A single-minded ambition that the ruthless lord of the region will relentlessly seek to put down. Kahlen\'s fate hangs in the balance: will his endevours bring him wealth and honour, or cost him his life...?

Mads Mikkelsen character Ludvig Kahlen

Amanda Collin character Ann Barbara

Simon Bennebjerg character Frederik de Schinkel

Kristine Kujath Thorp character Edel Helene

Gustav Lindh character Anton Eklund

Jacob Ulrik Lohmann character Trappaud

Morten Hee Andersen character Johannes Eriksen

Magnus Krepper character Hector

Søren Malling character Paulli

Morten Burian character Lauenfeldt

Thomas W. Gabrielsson character Bondo

Morten Buus character Colonist

Olaf Højgaard character Preisler

Melina Hagberg character Anmai Mus

Felix Kramer character Balzer

Laura Bilgrau Eskild-Jensen character Anmai Mus (15)

Anna Filippa Hjarne character Anne

Jiří Konvalinka character Rømer

Martin Feifel character Colonist Klein

Lasse Steen Jensen character Uldrich

Nanna Finding Koppel character Lise

Finn Nielsen character Estate Owner

Michael Brostrup character Workman

Joen Højerslev character Coachman

Patricie Šlaufová character Kristel

Jan Jankovský character Tater #1

Josef Berousek character Tater #2

Ivo Hanel character Militærmand

Kristián Černík character Schinkel's Guard

Lise Risom Olsen character Kirstin

Nikol Kouklová character Antonius' Girlfriend

Hans Christian Lundgren character Kaspar

Arved Friese character Colonist Claus

Zdenek Brüna character Prisoner 1

Zdeněk Dvořáček character Prisoner 2

Martin Navrátil character Prisoner 3

Adam Pengsawang character Prisoner 4

Tomáš Tobola character Prisoner 5

Karel Heřmánek character Servant