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The Man Who Knew Too Much

The Man Who Knew Too Much (2024)
The Man Who Knew Too Much
7.5 from 10 with total 977 votes
120 minutes
A widescreen, Technicolor remake by Hitchcock of his 1934 film of the same title. A couple vacationing in Morocco with their young son accidentally stumble upon an assassination plot. When the child is kidnapped to ensure their silence, they have to take matters into their own hands to save him.

James Stewart character Dr. Ben McKenna

Doris Day character Jo McKenna

Brenda De Banzie character Lucy Drayton

Bernard Miles character Edward Drayton

Ralph Truman character Buchanan

Daniel Gélin character Louis Bernard

Mogens Wieth character Ambassador

Alan Mowbray character Val Parnell

Hillary Brooke character Jan Peterson

Reggie Nalder character Assassin at Albert Hall

Richard Wattis character Assistant Manager

Noel Willman character Woburn

Christopher Olsen character Hank McKenna

Alix Talton character Helen Parnell

Yves Brainville character Police Inspector

Carolyn Jones character Cindy Fontaine

London Symphony Orchestra character Themselves

Bernard Herrmann character Conductor at Albert Hall

Covent Garden Chorus character Themselves

Barbara Howitt character Self - Soloist

Patrick Aherne character Handyman (uncredited)

Frank Albertson character Worker at the Taxidermist's (uncredited)

Frank Atkinson character Taxidermist (uncredited)

John Barrard character Taxidermist (uncredited)

Mayne Lynton character Taxidermist (uncredited)

Clifford Buckton character Sir Kenneth Clarke (uncredited)

Walter Bacon character Church Member (uncredited)

Lovyss Bradley character Church Member (uncredited)

Nora Bush character Church Member (uncredited)

Ann Kunde character Church Member (uncredited)

Jean Ransome character Church Member (uncredited)

Albert Carrier character French Policeman (uncredited)

Louis Mercier character French Policeman (uncredited)

Anthony Warde character French Policeman (uncredited)

Frank Baker character Royal Albert Hall Attendee (uncredited)

Oliver Cross character Royal Albert Hall Attendee (uncredited)

Sam Harris character Royal Albert Hall Attendee (uncredited)

Jimmie Horan character Royal Albert Hall Attendee (uncredited)

Carl M. Leviness character Royal Albert Hall Attendee (uncredited)

Lee Miller character Royal Albert Hall Attendee (uncredited)

Arthur Tovey character Royal Albert Hall Attendee (uncredited)

Harry Fine character Edington (uncredited)

Alex Frazer character Man (uncredited)

Wolf Frees character Aide to Prime Minister (uncredited)

Richard Marner character Aide to Prime Minister (uncredited)

Milton Frome character Guard (uncredited)

Walter Gotell character Guard (uncredited)

Leo Gordon character Chauffeur (uncredited)

Alfred Hitchcock character Man in Morocco Marketplace (uncredited)

Gladys Holland character Bernard's Date at Restaurant (uncredited)

George Howe character Ambrose Chappell Sr. (uncredited)

Richard Wordsworth character Ambrose Chappell Jr. (uncredited)

Eumenio Blanco character Arab (uncredited)

Allen Jaffe character Arab (uncredited)

Lou Krugman character Arab (uncredited)

Harold Kasket character Butler (uncredited)

Barry Keegan character Patterson (uncredited)

Lloyd Lamble character General Manager of Albert Hall (uncredited)

Lewis Martin character Detective (uncredited)

Ralph Neff character Henchman (uncredited)

John O'Malley character Uniformed Attendant (uncredited)

Eric Snowden character Special Branch Officer (uncredited)

Patrick Whyte character Special Branch Officer (uncredited)

Alma Taylor character Box Office Woman (uncredited)

Guy Verney character Footman (uncredited)

Peter Williams character Police Sergeant (uncredited)

John Marshall character Butler (uncredited)

Alexis Bobrinskoy character Foreign Prime Minister (uncredited)