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The Inglorious Bastards

The Inglorious Bastards (2024)
The Inglorious Bastards
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99 minutes
Set in Europe during WWII, a group of American soldiers on their way to military prison are beset upon by a German artillery attack, escaping with Switzerland in their sights. Before making it any farther, they volunteer to steal a V2 warhead for the French Underground - taking them deep into the heart of German territory.

Bo Svenson character Lt. Robert Yeager

Fred Williamson character Pvt. Fred Canfield

Peter Hooten character Tony

Michael Pergolani character Nick

Jackie Basehart character Berle

Ian Bannen character Col. Charles Thomas Buckner

Michel Constantin character Veronique

Debra Berger character Nicole

Donald O'Brien character SS Officer

Raimund Harmstorf character Adolf Sachs

Manfred Freyberger character S.S. Convoy Officer

Bill Vanders character German Officer on Train

Rocco Lerro character German Roadblock Guard

Angelo Ragusa character French Resistance

Massimo Vanni character French Resistance

Franco Ukmar character French Resistance / American Commando

Peter Boom character German Officer on Train

Vito Fornari character S.S. Officer

Gerard Schwartz character German Telephone Operator

Mauro Vestri character French Resistance

Mike Morris character General Hauser

Bryan Rostron character German Scientist

Joshua Sinclair character Prison Escort Sergeant

Flavio Andreini character Examination Corporal

Roberto Messina character American Prisoner

Clemente Ukmar character Prisoner

Enzo G. Castellari character German Mortar Officer

Roberto Sbarigia character German Mortar Officer

Giuseppe Marrocco character German Officer

Attilio Pelegatti character German Officer on Train

Enrico Cesaretti character German Officer on Train

Massimo Ciprari character German Officer on Train

Franz Colangeli character German Officer on Train

Ulla Johannsen character Naked Woman with Machine Gun (uncredited)

Settimio Scacco character French Resistance (uncredited)