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The Gendarme Takes Off

The Gendarme Takes Off (2024)
The Gendarme Takes Off
6.4 from 10 with total 314 votes
90 minutes
The whole clique of Cruchot\'s police station is retired. Now he lives with his rich wife in her castle - and is bored almost to death. He fights with the butler, because he isn\'t even allowed to do the simple works. But when one of the clique suffers from amnesia after an accident, all of the others reunite and kidnap him, to take him on a tour to their old working places and through their memories. In their old uniforms they turn St. Tropez upside down.

Louis de Funès character Ludovic Cruchot

Jean Lefebvre character Lucien Fougasse

Guy Grosso character Gaston Tricard

Michel Modo character Jules Berlicot

Nicole Vervil character Cécilia Gerber

France Rumilly character Schwester Clothilde

Yves Vincent character Colonel

Christian Marin character Albert Merlot

Claude Gensac character Josépha Cruchot

Michel Galabru character Jérôme Gerber

Sara Franchetti character Schwester Marie-Bénédicte

Ugo Fangareggi character Hippie

Christor Georgiadis character Butler James

René Berthier character Adjutant vom Colonel

Paul Mercey character Priester

Henri Guégan character Boule-Spieler

Dominique Zardi character Wilderer

Jean Valmence character Fahrer des verunfallten Alfa Romeo Giulia GT

Bernard Charlan character Begleitung von Josépha Cruchot

Carlo Nell character Chauffeur des Ministers

Robert le Béal character Minister

Claude Carvin character junger Gendarme

Laurent Wesman character junger Gendarme

Maritin character junger Gendarme

Pierrick Her character junger Gendarme

Yvan Varco character junger Gendarme

Michel Herval character junger Gendarme

Dominique Davray character forsche Nonne

Paul Préboist character Stallmeister