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The French Detective

The French Detective (2024)
The French Detective
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When political thugs murder an opponent\'s volunteer and also kill a cop, chief inspector Verjeat believes the politician who hired them is as guilty as the murderous goon. Verjeat\'s pursuit of the councilman, Lardatte, gets him a warning from his superiors. When he embarrasses Lardatte while disarming a hostage (the dead volunteer\'s father), Verjeat is told he\'s being transferred within a week. He speeds up his hunt for the goon and, with Lefévre, one of his young detectives, he engineers a complicated scheme to buy more time before the transfer. How should Verjeat play out his values of honor and duty?

Lino Ventura character Commissioner Verjeat

Patrick Dewaere character Inspector Lefèvre

Victor Lanoux character Pierre Lardatte

Julien Guiomar character Comptroller General Ledoux

Pierre Tornade character Commissioner Pignol

Françoise Brion character Marthe Rigaux, boss of the brothel

Claude Rich character Judge Delmesse

Michel Peyrelon character Roger

Claude Brosset character Antoine Portor

Gérard Hérold character Inspector Moitrié

Gérard Dessalles character Inspector Ransac

Jacques Rispal character Mercier

Patrick Feigelson character Louis

Jean-Yves Gautier character Letellier

Pierre Londiche character Jeanvier, informer with dog

Jacques Serres character Inspector Martin

Christiane Tissot character Marie Portor

Ève Francis character Old lady

André Malfuson character Estève

Michel Beaune character Inspector Dupuy

Charles Dalin character Sergio

Christine Laurent character Christine

Henri Attal character Luigi

Dominique Zardi character Man injured in leg

Lionel Vitrant character Pump attendant

Sylvie Matton character Nurse

Eric Vasberg character Lopez

Eric Legrand character Jean Mercier

Valérie Mairesse character Rosettes girl

Marie-Pierre de Gérando character Gendarmerie commander

Raoul Curet character President

Jean Turlier character Moissat

Henri Lambert character Norbert (uncredited)

Sylvain Lévignac character False wounded (uncredited)