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The Flame and the Arrow

The Flame and the Arrow (2024)
The Flame and the Arrow
6.2 from 10 with total 46 votes
88 minutes
Dardo, a Robin Hood-like figure, and his loyal followers use a Roman ruin in Medieval Lombardy as their headquarters as they conduct an insurgency against their Hessian conquerors.

Burt Lancaster character Dardo Bartoli

Virginia Mayo character Anne de Hesse

Robert Douglas character Marchese Alessandro de Granazia

Aline MacMahon character Nonna Bartoli

Frank Allenby character Count 'The Hawk' Ulrich

Nick Cravat character Piccolo

Lynn Baggett character Francesca

Gordon Gebert character Rudi Bartoli, Dardo's Son

Norman Lloyd character Apollo, the Troubador

Victor Kilian character Apothecary Mazzoni

Francis Pierlot character Papa Pietro

Robin Hughes character Skinner

Paul Baxley character Guard (uncredited)

Leon Belasco character Arturo of Milan / Players' Impressario / Court Announcer (uncredited)

Ray Beltram character Townsman (uncredited)

Richard Brehm character Outlaw (uncredited)

George Bruggeman character Guard (uncredited)

Sue Casey character Angela (uncredited)

Albert Cavens character Guard (uncredited)

Jess Cavin character Townsman (uncredited)

Roydon Clark character Outlaw (uncredited)

Bud Cokes character Guard (uncredited)

Tex Cooper character Townsman (uncredited)

Ben Corbett character Outlaw (uncredited)

Victor Cox character Townsman (uncredited)

Richard Danwill character Bear (uncredited)

James Dime character Guard (uncredited)

George Dockstader character Outlaw (uncredited)

Yvonne Doughty character Peasant Wench (uncredited)

John Epper character Guard (uncredited)

Richard Farnsworth character Outlaw (uncredited)

John George character Townsman (uncredited)

Matt Gillman character Outlaw (uncredited)

Duke Green character Guard (uncredited)

Sam Harris character Hessian Noble (uncredited)

Al Haskell character Guard (uncredited)

Bryan 'Slim' Hightower character Outlaw (uncredited)

Charles Horvath character Guard (uncredited)

Clyde Hudkins Jr. character Outlaw (uncredited)

Dick Hudkins character Outlaw (uncredited)

Whitey Hughes character Townsman (uncredited)

Leroy Johnson character Outlaw (uncredited)

Billy Jones character Guard (uncredited)

Eddie Juaregui character Guard (uncredited)

Pete Kellett character Guard (uncredited)

Fred Kelsey character Guard (uncredited)

Fred Kennedy character Outlaw (uncredited)

Jack Kenny character Townsman (uncredited)

Stubby Kruger character Guard (uncredited)

Walt La Rue character Outlaw (uncredited)

Ethan Laidlaw character Guard (uncredited)

Norman Leavitt character Tied Up Palace Guard (uncredited)

Bert LeBaron character Outlaw (uncredited)

Carey Loftin character Outlaw (uncredited)

James Magill character Guard (uncredited)

Mickey McCardle character Guard / Outlaw (uncredited)

Mathew McCue character Hessian Noble (uncredited)

Philo McCullough character Townsman (uncredited)

Frank McGrath character Guard (uncredited)

Frank McMahon character Guard (uncredited)

Kansas Moehring character Guard (uncredited)

Boyd 'Red' Morgan character Guard (uncredited)

Jack Mower character Townsman (uncredited)

Artie Ortego character Outlaw (uncredited)

Eddie Parker character Outlaw (uncredited)

Gil Perkins character Guard (uncredited)

Joe Phillips character Guard (uncredited)

Walter Pietila character Outlaw (uncredited)

Phillip Pine character One of Dardo's Band (uncredited)

John Roy character Guard (uncredited)

Alex Sharp character Guard (uncredited)

Clint Sharp character Outlaw (uncredited)

Jimmy Shaw character Outlaw (uncredited)

Joe Smith character Outlaw (uncredited)

Tom Smith character Guard (uncredited)

Cap Somers character Guard (uncredited)

Ray Spiker character Guard (uncredited)

Glen Thompson character Guard / Outlaw (uncredited)

Louis Tomei character Guard (uncredited)

Jack Tornek character Guard (uncredited)

Don Turner character Hessian Officer (uncredited)

Dale van Sickel character Guard (uncredited)

Philip Van Zandt character Hessian Noble (uncredited)

Sailor Vincent character Guard (uncredited)

Bill Williams character Outlaw (uncredited)

Terry Wilson character Guard (uncredited)

Harry Woolman character Guard (uncredited)

Al Wyatt Sr. character Guard (uncredited)