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The Ewok Adventure

The Ewok Adventure (2022)
The Ewok Adventure
5.5 from 10 with total 141 votes
96 minutes
The Towani family civilian shuttlecraft crashes on the forest moon of Endor. The four Towani\'s are separated. Jermitt and Catarine, the mother and father are captured by the giant Gorax, and Mace and Cindel, the son and daughter, are missing when they are captured. The next day, the Ewok Deej is looking for his two sons when they find Cindel all alone in the shuttle (Mace and Cindel were looking for the transmitter to send a distress call), when Mace appears with his emergency blaster. Eventually, the four-year old Cindel is able to convince the teenage Mace that the Ewoks are nice. Then, the Ewoks and the Towani\'s go on an adventure to find the elder Towanis.

Eric Walker character Mace Towani

Warwick Davis character Wicket W. Warrick

Fionnula Flanagan character Catarine Towani

Guy Boyd character Jeremitt Towani

Aubree Miller character Cindel Towani

Burl Ives character Narrator (voice)

Daniel Frishman character Deej

Debbie Lee Carrington character Weechee

Tony Cox character Widdle

Kevin Thompson character Chukha-Trok

Margarita Fernández character Kainik

Pam Grizz character Shodu

Bobby Bell character Logray

Darryl Henriques character Wicket (voice)

Sydney Walker character Deej (voice)

Nancy Carlin character Shodu (voice)

James Cranna character Widdle (voice)

Hal Rayle character Weechee (voice)

Robert Elross character Logray (voice)

Pat Franklin character Kaink (voice)

Michael Pritchard character Chukha-Trok (voice)

Jon Berg character Gorax (uncredited)

Tiffany Brissette character Cindel (voice) (uncredited)