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The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz

The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz (2023)
The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz
7.362 from 10 with total 109 votes
89 minutes
A bizarre black comedy about a man whose overwhelming ambition in life is to be a renowned serial killer of women, and will stop at nothing to achieve it - but not everything goes according to plan...

Ernesto Alonso character Archibaldo de la Cruz

Miroslava character Lavinia

Rita Macedo character Patricia Terrazas

Andrea Palma character Mrs. Cervantes

Rodolfo Landa character Alejandro Rivas

Ariadna Welter character Carlota Cervantes

José María Linares Rivas character Willy Corduran

Leonor Llausás character The Governess

Eva Calvo character Señora de la Cruz, Archibaldo's mother

Enrique Díaz 'Indiano' character Señor de la Cruz, Archibaldo's father

Carlos Riquelme character The Commissioner

Carlos Martínez Baena character Priest

Manuel Dondé character Colonel at wedding

Armando Velasco character Judge

Armando Acosta character Man at Gordo's (uncredited)

Eduardo Alcaraz character Gordo Azuara (uncredited)

Janet Alcoriza character American tourist (uncredited)

Rafael Banquells hijo character Archibaldo as a boy (uncredited)

Antonio Bravo character Antiques dealer (uncredited)

Emilio Brillas character Mannequin maker (uncredited)

Lupe Carriles character Maid at Carlota's home (uncredited)

Jorge Casanova character Draftsman (uncredited)

Jorge Chesterking character Tourist from Oklahoma (uncredited)

Ángel Di Stefani character Police agent (uncredited)

Enedina Díaz de León character Maid (uncredited)

Enrique García Álvarez character Chucho (uncredited)

Jesús Gómez character López - policeman (uncredited)

Leonor Gómez character Waitress (uncredited)

Elodia Hernández character Dress shop owner (uncredited)

Francisco Ledesma character Antique shop asst. (uncredited)

Salvador Lozano character Gambler (uncredited)

Ángel Merino character Handwriting expert (uncredited)

Roberto Meyer character Doctor (uncredited)

José Peña character Esteban (uncredited)

Ignacio Peón character Wedding guest (uncredited)