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The Champ

The Champ (2024)
The Champ
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121 minutes
Billy used to be a great boxer, but he\'s settled into a hardscrabble life that revolves around drinking, training horses, and the one bright spot in his existence — his young son, T.J. Although Billy has had custody of T.J. since his wife, Annie, left the family years ago, her return prompts a new struggle for the former fighter. Determined to hold on to his son, Billy gets back into the ring to try and recapture his past success.

Jon Voight character Billy

Faye Dunaway character Annie

Ricky Schroder character T.J.

Jack Warden character Jackie

Arthur Hill character Mike

Strother Martin character Riley

Joan Blondell character Dolly Kenyon

Mary Jo Catlett character Josie

Elisha Cook Jr. character Georgie

Stefan Gierasch character Charlie Goodman

Allan Miller character Whitey

Jeff Blum character Jeffie

Dana Elcar character Hoffmaster

Randall "Tex" Cobb character Bowers

Kristoff St. John character Sonny

Gina Gallego character Cuban Girl

Jody Wilson character Mrs. Riley

Reginal M. Toussaint character Groom

Bob Gordon character TV Reporter

Gene Picchi character Dolly's Trainer

Anne Logan character Horse Owner

Bill Baldwin character Race Track Announcer

Rita Turner character Lady at the Rail

Dorothy Streisin character Dolly's Guest

Lionel Dozier character Hot Walker

Charles W. Camac character Head Starter

David Peden character Ship's Captain

William Fuller character Steward

Vanna Salviati character Pitch Lady

Maurice Pete Mitchell character Gambler

Ernesto Molinari character Bar Patron

Robert Sutton character Second Gambler

Philip Tuersky character Bartender

Micki Varro character Nikki

Geoff Marlowe character Security Guard

George Stidham character Exercise Rider

Willie White character Willie

Curtis Jackson character Sparring Partner

Wally Rose character Bowers' Manager

Dick Young character Referee

Sonny Shields character Bowers' Handler #1

Larry Duran character Bowers' Handler #2

Lars Hensen character Ring Doctor

Jeff Temkin character Ring Announcer

Joe Tornatore character Hesh