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The Blob

The Blob (2024)
The Blob
6.2 from 10 with total 361 votes
86 minutes
A drive-in favorite, this sci-fi classic follows teenagers Steve and his best girl, Jane, as they try to protect their hometown from a gelatinous alien life form that engulfs everything it touches. The first to discover the substance and live to tell about it, Steve and Jane witness the blob destroying an elderly man, then it growing to a terrifying size. But no one else has seen the goo, and policeman Dave refuses to believe the kids without proof.

Steve McQueen character Steve Andrews

Aneta Corsaut character Jane Martin

Earl Rowe character Lieutenant Dave

John Benson character Sgt. Jim Bert

Robert Fields character Tony Gressette

James Bonnet character 'Mooch' Miller

Anthony Franke character Al

George Karas character Officer Ritchie

Kieth Almoney character Danny Martin

Elbert Smith character Henry Martin

Audrey Metcalf character Elizabeth Martin

Olin Howland character The Old Man

Stephen Chase character Dr. T. Hallen

Elinor Hammer character Mrs. Porter

Lee Payton character Kate the Nurse

Hugh Graham character Mr. Andrews

Jasper Deeter character Marty the Mechanic

Ralph Roseman character The Second Garage Mechanic

Tom Ogden character Phil the Fire Chief

Vincent Barbi character George

Julie Cousins character Sally the Waitress

Theodore Simonson character Crabby Old Man in Audience

Josh Randolph character Teenager

Molly Anne Bourne character Teenager

Dianne Tabban character Teenager

Pamela Curran character Smooching Teenager

Charlie Overdorff character Bit Part

David Metcalf character Drunk at Door

Eugene Sabel character Bit Part

George Gerbereck character Bit Part