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The Anderson Tapes

The Anderson Tapes (2024)
The Anderson Tapes
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99 minutes
Thief Duke Anderson—just released from ten years in jail—takes up with his old girlfriend in her posh apartment block, and makes plans to rob the entire building. What he doesn\'t know is that his every move is being recorded on audio and video, although he is not the subject of any surveillance.

Sean Connery character Duke Anderson

Dyan Cannon character Ingrid

Martin Balsam character Haskins

Ralph Meeker character Police Captain 'Iron Balls' Delaney

Alan King character Pat Angelo

Christopher Walken character The Kid

Val Avery character Parelli aka Socks

Dick Anthony Williams character Spencer

Garrett Morris character Officer Everson

Stan Gottlieb character Pop

Paul Benjamin character Jimmy

Anthony Holland character Psychologist

Richard B. Shull character Werner

Conrad Bain character Dr. Rubicoff

Margaret Hamilton character Miss Kaler

Judith Lowry character Mrs. Hathaway

Max Showalter character Bingham

Janet Ward character Mrs. Bingham

Scott Jacoby character Jerry Bingham

Norman Rose character Longene

Meg Myles character Mrs. Longene

John Call character O'Leary

Raoul Kraushaar character D'Medico

John Braden character Vanessi

Paula Trueman character Nurse

Michael Miller character First Agent

Michael Prince character Johnson

Frank Macetta character Papa Angelo

Jack Doroshow character Eric - Decorator Tenant

Michael Clary character Eric's Friend

Hildy Brooks character Receptionist

Robert Dagney character Doctor

Bradford English character T.V. Watcher

Reid Cruickshanks character Judge

Tom Signorelli character Sync Man

Carmine Caridi character Detective

Michael Fairman character Sergeant Claire

George Patelis character Detective B

William J. Daprato character Detective C

Sam Coppola character Private Detective

Mary Boylan character Bus Station Lady (uncredited)

Bruce Brown character Policeman (uncredited)

James Forster character Sergeant (uncredited)

Charles Frank character Ambulance Attendant (uncredited)

Al Kirk character Thief (uncredited)

Tom Nobles character Police Lieutenant (uncredited)