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Support Your Local Sheriff!

Support Your Local Sheriff! (2024)
Support Your Local Sheriff!
7 from 10 with total 98 votes
92 minutes
A quick-witted drifter wanders into a lawless town in the midst of a gold rush. Shocked by the prices of food and meals he reluctantly takes the job of sheriff by amazing the Mayor with his lightning quick, dead eye pistol accuracy. He makes the town council know that he is really just passing through on his way to Australia and he will pull up and leave anytime he chooses (including at the first sign of real trouble). His first day on the job he takes on the biggest, meanest ranching family and meets his klutzy love interest.

James Garner character Jason McCullough

Joan Hackett character Prudy Perkins

Walter Brennan character Pa Danby

Harry Morgan character Olly Perkins

Jack Elam character Jake

Henry Jones character Henry Jackson

Bruce Dern character Joe Danby

Willis Bouchey character Thomas Devery

Gene Evans character Tom Danby

Walter Burke character Fred Johnson

Dick Peabody character Luke Danby

Chubby Johnson character Brady

Kathleen Freeman character Mrs. Danvers

Dick Haynes character Bartender

Richard Alden character (uncredited)

Roydon Clark character Brawler at Emma's (uncredited)

Bill Catching character Brawler at Emma's (uncredited)

Danny Borzage character Accordionist at Funeral (uncredited)

Robert Anderson character Man at Kate's Eatery (uncredited)

Gene Coogan character Gunman in Saloon (uncredited)

John Daheim character Brawler at Emma's (uncredited)

Duke Fishman character Townsman (uncredited)

Richard Hoyt character Gunfighter Hired by Danby (uncredited)

Marilyn Jones character Bordello Girl at Madame Orr's House (uncredited)

Jack Lilley character Danby Family Member (uncredited)