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Summer Frost

Summer Frost (2024)
Summer Frost
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112 minutes
It’s summer and France is hit by a polar cold. Ten lone and lost souls find each other, a profound meeting as a last chance to hope and fear, to love and dream. Ten tales as tribute to Monet’s Water Lilies, ten tales portraying an impressionist painting of today’s France.

Benjamin Biolay character Franck

Élodie Bouchez character Georgia

Judith Chemla character Jeanne

Nicolas Duvauchelle character Philippe

Hélène Fillières character Hélène

Cédric Kahn character André

Laurent Stocker character Henri

Clémence Poésy character Billie

Nora Hamzawi character Angèle

Pablo Pauly character Joseph

Rafi Pitts character Elyas

Jérôme Kircher character Léonard

Omar El Aissaoui character Iron Man

Attila Mirhosseini character L'homme de la cabane

Maurice Green character Julian

Violetta Sanchez character La styliste

Laurent Godin character Le galeriste

Samuel Castro character L'urgentiste

Florian Lagatta character L'ingénieur du son studio 1

Michaël Tainturier character L'ingénieur du son studio 2

Alexandre Maillard character Le guitariste

Leyla Sassi character La policière Tuileries

Laurence Delleur character La femme curieuse hôtel

Christian Krezel character Louis Garnier

Gaël Mathelin character Le camionneur terminus

Christophe Jeauffroy character Le chauffeur de taxi

Thibault Leclercq character Le pêcheur

Tristan Baissière character Jeune interviewé

Garance Dely character Jeune interviewé

Lucien Goethals character Jeune interviewé

Julien Jeauffroy character Jeune interviewé

Ilan Mezache character Jeune interviewé

Tom Roberts character Jeune interviewé

Nihola Vladusic character Jeune interviewé

Aurore Clément character La mère d'Henri (voice)

Emmanuel Salinger character Général Paquin (voice)

Camille de Sablet character Christelle (voice)

Marion Trémontels character Alice (voice)

Ulysse Mengue character L'associé (voice)

Dolly Masson character La mère de Joseph (voice)

Gaël Giordana character Le journaliste radio (voice)