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Scarface (2023)
7.6 from 10 with total 294 votes
93 minutes
A murderous thug shoots his way to the top of the mobs while trying to protect his sister from the criminal life.

Paul Muni character Tony 'Scarface' Camonte

Ann Dvorak character Cesca Camonte

Karen Morley character Poppy

Osgood Perkins character John 'Johnny' Lovo

C. Henry Gordon character Insp. Ben Guarino

George Raft character Guino Rinaldo

Vince Barnett character Angelo

Boris Karloff character Gaffney

Purnell Pratt character Mr. Garston, publisher

Tully Marshall character Managing editor

Inez Palange character Mrs. Camonte

Edwin Maxwell character Chief of detectives

Henry Armetta character Pietro - Barber (uncredited)

Gus Arnheim character Orchestra Leader (uncredited)

Eugenie Besserer character Citizens Committee Member (uncredited)

Maurice Black character Jim - Headwaiter (uncredited)

James Conaty character Nightclub Patron (uncredited)

Gino Corrado character Waiter at Columbia Cafe (uncredited)

Virginia Dabney character Mabel (uncredited)

William B. Davidson character Citizens Committee Member (uncredited)

James Durkin character Newspaper Man (uncredited)

Bill Elliott character Man Outside Theatre (uncredited)

Eddie Fetherston character Reporter (uncredited)

Paul Fix character Hood with Gaffney (uncredited)

Dick Gordon character Nightclub Patron (uncredited)

Jean Harlow character Blonde at Paradise Club (uncredited)

Howard Hawks character Man on Bed (uncredited)

Brandon Hurst character Citizens Committee Member (uncredited)

Sydney Jarvis character Bartender (uncredited)

John Kelly character One of Costillo's Hoods (uncredited)

John Lee Mahin character MacArthur from the Journal (uncredited)

Hank Mann character Stag Party Janitor (uncredited)

Frank McLure character Nightclub Patron (uncredited)

Frank Mills character Hood (uncredited)

William H. O'Brien character Waiter (uncredited)

Dennis O'Keefe character Night Club Patron (uncredited)

Jack Perry character One of Costillo's Hoods (uncredited)

Pedro Regas character Tony - Bodyguard (uncredited)

Warner Richmond character Cesca's Dance Partner (uncredited)

Constantine Romanoff character Henchman (uncredited)

Ronald R. Rondell character Hood (uncredited)

Bert Starkey character Epstein - Lawyer (uncredited)

Charles Sullivan character One of Costillo's Hoods (uncredited)

Harry Tenbrook character One of Costillo's Hoods (uncredited)

Helen C. Thompson character Sadie Thompson (uncredited)

Nick Thompson character One of Costillo's Hoods (uncredited)

Ellinor Vanderveer character Theatregoer (uncredited)

Harry J. Vejar character Big Louis Costillo (uncredited)

Sailor Vincent character One of Costillo's Hoods (uncredited)

Douglas Walton character Cesca's Boyfriend (uncredited)

Stanhope Wheatcroft character Nightclub Patron (uncredited)