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Satan Met a Lady

Satan Met a Lady (2023)
Satan Met a Lady
5.9 from 10 with total 20 votes
74 minutes
In the second screen version of The Maltese Falcon, a detective is caught between a lying seductress and a lady jewel thief.

Bette Davis character Valerie Purvis

Warren William character Ted Shane

Alison Skipworth character Madame Barabbas

Arthur Treacher character Anthony Travers

Marie Wilson character Miss Murgatroyd

Wini Shaw character Astrid Ames

Porter Hall character Milton Ames

Olin Howland character Detective Dunhill

Charles C. Wilson character Detective Pollock

May Beatty character Mrs. Arden

Sol Gorss character Jackie Farrow

Barbara Blane character Babe

Maynard Holmes character Kenneth, Barabbas's Young Gunman

Frank Darien character Hotel Clerk

Kid Herman character Bootblack

J.H. Allen character Bootblack

Don Downen character Reporter

Billy Bletcher character Father of Sextuplets

Alice La Mont character Mother of Sextuplets

William B. Davidson character City Fathers Committee Spokesman

Raymond Brown character City Fathers Committee Member

John Elliott character City Fathers Committee Member

Edward McWade character City Fathers Committee Member

Cliff Saum character Patrol Officer

Joe King character Detective

Francis Sayles character Detective

James P. Burtis character Detective

Eddie Shubert character Detective

John Alexander character Porter

Ray Turner character Porter

Huey White character Taxi Driver

Alphonse Martell character Headwaiter

Leo White character Room Service Waiter

Douglas Williams character Dock Walloper

Jack Wise character Pushy Photographer

John J. Richardson character Second Photographer

Bert Moorhouse character Extra on Dance Floor

Edmund Mortimer character Extra on Dance Floor