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Once Upon a Time in Euskadi

Once Upon a Time in Euskadi (2023)
Once Upon a Time in Euskadi
6.7 from 10 with total 12 votes
100 minutes
Euskadi 1985. It\'s summer time, the holidays are finally here. Marcos and his three friends, José Antonio, Paquito and Toni, anxiously await a promising summer break from the fresh view of 12-year-olds who have little care for where, how or when. They will while away the hours in the maze life has prepared for them, in an old, turbulent and trembling Euskadi. A maze of painted walls, where rubber balls and dreams bounce together; all covered by a sky tinged with the grey of prefabricated concrete, where life and death no longer keep formal relationships.

Asier Flores character Marcos

Aitor Calderón character Toni

Miguel Rivera character Paquito

Hugo García character José Antonio

Luis Callejo character Jesús

Marian Álvarez character Carmen

Vicente Vergara character Mariano

Pilar Gómez character Josefa

Vicente Romero character Anselmo

María Isasi character Pura

María Alfonsa Rosso character Concha

Arón Piper character Maserati

Yon González character Félix

Ruth Díaz character Dolores

Josean Bengoetxea character Luis Mari

Martxelo Rubio character Profesor de euskera

Rafael Martín character Julián

Betiza Bismark character Mirta

Elena Gutiérrez character Azucena

Chema Trujillo character Ángel

Íñigo Ortega Martínez character Pareja de Dolores

Sandra Ferrús character Profesora

Arnatz Puertas character Carlos

Michel Páez character Compañero de Jesús

Ane Guisasola character Anciana

Urko Larrañaga character Ciclista

Pablo Oroquieta character Ciclista

Peio Arnaez character Empleado del ayuntamiento

Iñaki Bolinaga character Médico

Ion Martínez Txiki character Manifestante