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Nightmare Alley

Nightmare Alley (2023)
Nightmare Alley
7 from 10 with total 1821 votes
150 minutes
An ambitious carnival man with a talent for manipulating people with a few well-chosen words hooks up with a female psychiatrist who is even more dangerous than he is.

Bradley Cooper character Stanton 'Stan' Carlisle

Cate Blanchett character Dr. Lilith Ritter

Toni Collette character Zeena 'Zeena the Seer' Krumbein

Willem Dafoe character Clement 'Clem' Hoatley

Richard Jenkins character Ezra Grindle

Rooney Mara character Mary Margaret 'Molly' Cahill

Ron Perlman character Bruno

Mary Steenburgen character Mrs. Kimball

David Strathairn character Pete

Holt McCallany character Anderson

Peter MacNeill character Judge Kimball

Mark Povinelli character The Major

Jim Beaver character Sheriff Jedediah Judd

Tim Blake Nelson character Carny Boss

Clifton Collins Jr. character Funhouse Jack

Paul Anderson character Geek #1

Lara Jean Chorostecki character Louise Hoatley

David Hewlett character Dr. Elrood

Sarah Mennell character Abigail

Mike Hill character Dogboy Jojo

Caleb Ellsworth-Clark character Drunk #1

Dian Bachar character Fee Fee the Birdgirl

Troy James character The Snake Man

Matthew MacCallum character Human Skeleton

Samantha Rodes character Zizi the Pinhead

Jesse Buck character Geek #2

Perry Mucci character Hotel Manager

Bill MacDonald character Stanton’s Dad

Dan Lett character Deputy #1

Catherine McGregor character Copa Woman

Martin Julien character Bus Station Shaving Man

Natalie Brown character Lilith’s Receptionist

Tim Post character Armed Guard #1

Will Conlon character Armed Guard #2

Daniel Falk character Patron #!

Stephen McHattie character Hobo #1

James Collins character Train Yard Man

Lili Connor character Woman in Floral Dress

Danny Waugh character Piano Player

Walter Rinaldi character Drunk

Andrew Locke character Train Worker

Calvin Desautels character Policeman

Derrick Moore character Stagehand

Linden Porco character Brofo the Small

Grant Bradley character Deputy #2

Dani Klupsch character Geek Pit Patron

Vikki Ring character Geek Pit Patron

Vanessa Botbyl character Geek Pit Patron

Michael Bridgeman character Geek Pit Patron

Charles Langille character Geek Pit Patron

Paul Taylor character Geek Pit Patron

Clyde Whitham character Geek Pit Patron