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My Big Night

My Big Night (2024)
My Big Night
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98 minutes
Coslada, near Madrid, Spain, October 2015. Hundreds of extras are trapped in a huge stage where they pretend with hysterical joy that they are celebrating a party that will be broadcast on television on New Year\'s Eve. But more than a week later, the clash between several staff members threatens to prolong indefinitely such a maddening nightmare.

Raphael character Alphonso

Mario Casas character Adanne

Pepón Nieto character Jose

Blanca Suárez character Paloma

Hugo Silva character Roberto

Carmen Machi character Rosa

Santiago Segura character Benítez

Carlos Areces character Yuri

Jaime Ordóñez character Óscar

Terele Pávez character Dolores

Carolina Bang character Cristina

Enrique Villén character Soriano

Luis Callejo character Floor Manager

Ana Polvorosa character Yanire

Tomás Pozzi character Perotti

Luis Fernández character Josua

Antonio Velázquez character Antonio

Carmen Ruiz character Amparo

Marta Castellote character Lourdes

Marta Guerras character Sofía

Ignatius Farray character Scriptwriter

Carolo Ruiz character Security Guard #1

Toni Acosta character María

Daniel Guzmán character Municipal Police Agent

Enrique Martínez character Costumer #1

Zoe Berriatúa character Demonstrator #1

Lucía de la Fuente character Makeup Artist #1

Mónica Aragón character Person #1

Alberto Chaves character Person #2

Álvaro Manso character Camera Operator #1

Jonás Berami character Bystander #2

Alberto Bang character Bystander #3

Nacho Braun character Drunk Man

Santiago Díaz character Comedian #1

Roberto Montañés character Comedian #2

Victoria Sáez character Makeup Artist #2

Eduardo Casanova character Makeup Artist #3

Pedro Mistal character Helicopter Pilot

Javier Manrique character Junior Employee #1

Andoni Agirregomezkorta character Junior Employee #2

Jimmy Barnatán character Adanne (voice)