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Mr. Peek-a-Boo

Mr. Peek-a-Boo (2023)
Mr. Peek-a-Boo
6.2 from 10 with total 30 votes
90 minutes
A simple civil servant Léon, who has the unusual ability to walk through walls, falls madly in love with a hotel thief by the name of Susan. He poses as Garou-Garou, a dangerous gangster to attempt to woo her affections, but is arrested and sent to jail. While in jail he annoys the guards by walking in and out of his cell, and keeps persuading Susan to cease her criminal way of life. As fundamentally being an honest and law-abiding citizen, he eventually handles back everything he has stolen, is acquitted by the court, and becomes famous and respected. When he learns that Susan is planning to return to England and start a new life, he decides to confess to her his emotions. However, the couple is interrupted by a sudden rush of journalists. Trying to escape in a building, they get cornered on a corridor, and Léon pushes Susan through a nearby wall. But by doing this, he loses his own wall-walking ability, and the film concludes.

Bourvil character Léon Dutilleul

Joan Greenwood character Susan

Gérard Oury character Maurice

Henri Crémieux character Mr. Lécuyer

Roger Tréville character Félix Burdin

Jacques Erwin character Gaston

Frédéric O'Brady character The medical specialist

René Worms character An employee at the ministry

Nina Myral character Mrs. Eloise

Nicole Riche character The lady of the second

Germaine Reuver character Mrs. Ménard, the concierge

Jeanne Véniat character The South American

Georges Flateau character Mr Robert

Edmond Beauchamp character Arturo

Georges Lannes character The director of the 'prison de la Santé'

Marcelle Arnold character Germaine

Raymond Souplex character Jean-Paul

Nicolas Amato character The first agent (uncredited)

Georgette Anys character Maria (uncredited)

Alfred Arlais character (uncredited)

Maurice Biraud character A colleague of Léon (uncredited)

Gérard Buhr character (uncredited)

Marcel Charvey character The bartender (uncredited)

Dominique Davray character A model (uncredited)

Skip Farrell character Maurice (uncredited)

Charlie Fawcett character (uncredited)

Fignolita character The negress (uncredited)

Charles Jarrel character (uncredited)

Franck Maurice character The second agent (uncredited)

Marcel Meral character A colleague of Léon (uncredited)

Craddock C. Monroe character Elmer (uncredited)

Alain Raffael character (uncredited)

Nicole Rimbaud character (uncredited)

Titys character The prisoner (uncredited)

Pamela Wilde character A model (uncredited)

Payne Williams character Jean-Paul (uncredited)