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Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza (2023)
Licorice Pizza
7.062 from 10 with total 1329 votes
133 minutes
The story of Alana Kane and Gary Valentine running around and falling in love in the San Fernando Valley, 1973.

Alana Haim character Alana Kane

Cooper Hoffman character Gary Valentine

Sean Penn character Jack Holden

Tom Waits character Rex Blau

Bradley Cooper character Jon Peters

Benny Safdie character Joel Wachs

Skyler Gisondo character Lance

Mary Elizabeth Ellis character Momma Anita

John Michael Higgins character Jerry Frick

Christine Ebersole character Lucille Doolittle

Harriet Sansom Harris character Mary Grady

Joseph Cross character Matthew

Danielle Haim character Danielle Kane

Este Haim character Este Kane

Moti Haim character Moti Kane

Donna Haim character Donna Kane

Maya Rudolph character Gale

Ryan Heffington character Steve

Nate Mann character Brian

Isabelle Kusman character Sue Pomerantz

Destry Allyn Spielberg character Frisbee Kahill

George DiCaprio character Mr. Jack

Iyana Halley character Brenda

Ray Chase character B. Mitch Reed

Emma Dumont character Brenda

Yumi Mizui character Mioko

Megumi Anjo character Kimiko

Emily Althaus character Kiki Page

Tim Conway Jr. character Vic

Griff Giacchino character Mark

James Kelley character Tim

Will Angarola character Kirk

Milo Herschlag character Greg Valentine

Craig Stark character Long Hair Freak

Bottara Angele character Fair Goer #1

Louis Delavenne character French Waiter

Rogelio Camarillo character Armand

Nathan M. Hadden character Valet

Lakin Valdez character Cop

Brian Kehew character Sonny & Cher Tech

Thomas John Rudolph character Customer #6

Collin Sutton character Photographer

Ray Nicholson character Ray

Eloy Perez character Guillermo

Mark Kirksey character Cop #5

Joshua Carl Allen character Photographer

Sasha Spielberg character Tiny Toes Girl

Pearl Minnie Anderson character Sharon

Karen Kilgariff character Joel Wachs Mom

Natalia Becerril character Latin Lady (uncredited)

Zachary Chicos character Upscale Restaurant Patron (uncredited)

Gerren Hall character Campaign Employee (uncredited)

Fatimah Hassan character Driver (uncredited)

Steven Herrera character Teen Fair Goer (uncredited)

Brandon Koen character Fair Goer (uncredited)

Richard B. Larimore character Golfer (uncredited)

Paige Locke character Fair Goer (uncredited)

Zoe McLane character Pinball Teen (uncredited)

Anthony Molinari character Cop #2 (uncredited)

John C. Reilly character Fred Gwynne / Herman Munster (uncredited)

Patrick Salway character Pinball Kid (uncredited)

Tess Rianne Sullivan character Wachs Campaign Staffer (uncredited)

Charlotte Townsend character Fairgoer #3 (uncredited)

Jeff Willy character Fair Volunteer (uncredited)

Mimi O'Donnell character Reporter

Dan Chariton character Sam Harpoon