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Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre (2024)
Jane Eyre
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97 minutes
After a harsh childhood, orphan Jane Eyre is hired by Edward Rochester, the brooding lord of a mysterious manor house to care for his young daughter.

Orson Welles character Edward Rochester

Joan Fontaine character Jane Eyre

Margaret O'Brien character Adele Varens

Peggy Ann Garner character Jane Eyre (younger)

John Sutton character Dr. Rivers

Sara Allgood character Bessie

Henry Daniell character Henry Brocklehurst

Agnes Moorehead character Mrs. Reed

Aubrey Mather character Colonel Dent

Edith Barrett character Mrs. Fairfax

Barbara Everest character Lady Ingram

Hillary Brooke character Blanche Ingram

Elizabeth Taylor character Helen Burns (uncredited)

Billy Bevan character Bookie (uncredited)

Adele Jergens character Woman at Party (uncredited)

Mae Marsh character Leah (uncredited)

Erskine Sanford character Mr. Briggs (uncredited)

John Abbott character Mason

Harry Allen character Guard

Ted Billings character Townsman

Ruth Brady character Woman at Party

Colin Campbell character Proprietor

David Clyde character Guard on Coach from Lowood

Charles Coleman character Guard on Coach to Lowood

Alec Craig character Footman

Alan Edmiston character Dealer

Jean Fenwick character Guest

Mary Forbes character Mrs. Eshton

Arthur Gould-Porter character Young Man

Ethel Griffies character Grace Poole

Ronald Harris character John Reed

Brandon Hurst character Lowood School Trustee

Charles Irwin character Auctioneer

George Kirby character Old Gentleman (uncredited)

Bud Lawler character Guest

Gwendolyn Logan character Dowager

Thomas Louden character Sir George Lynn

Moyna MacGill character Dowager

Barry Macollum character Trustee

Eily Malyon character Mrs. Skatcher

Nelson McDowell character Lowood School Trustee

Mary Menzies character Girl in orphanage scene at dinner table

John Meredith character Guest

Roseanne Murray character Guest

Tempe Pigott character Fortune Teller

Nancy June Robinson character Girl

Marion Rosamond character Guest

Billie Seward character Woman at Party

Yorke Sherwood character Beadle

Ivan F. Simpson character Mr. Woods - the Minister

Gerald Oliver Smith character Footman at Gateshead

Betta St. John character Girl

Leslie Vincent character Guest

Dan Wallace character Guest

Frederick Worlock character Sam--Waiter at Inn

Eustace Wyatt character Dr. Carter