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I Wake Up Screaming

I Wake Up Screaming (2022)
I Wake Up Screaming
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82 minutes
A young promoter is accused of the murder of Vicky Lynn, a young actress he \"discovered\" as a waitress while out with ex-actor Robin Ray and gossip columnist Larry Evans.

Betty Grable character Jill Lynn

Victor Mature character Frankie Christopher (Botticelli)

Carole Landis character Vicky Lynn

Laird Cregar character Police Insp. Ed Cornell

William Gargan character Jerry 'Mac' MacDonald

Alan Mowbray character Robin Ray

Allyn Joslyn character Larry Evans

Elisha Cook Jr. character Harry Williams

Chick Chandler character Reporter

Cyril Ring character Reporter

Morris Ankrum character Assistant District Attorney

Charles Lane character Keating- Florist

Frank Orth character Cemetery Caretaker

Gregory Gaye character Headwaiter

May Beatty character Lady Handel

Brooks Benedict character Nightclub patron (uncredited)

Edward Biby character Nightclub patron (uncredited)

Stanley Blystone character Detective (uncredited)

Wade Boteler character Detective (uncredited)

John Breen character Sidewalk passerby (uncredited)

Ralph Brooks character Nightclub patron (uncredited)

Russ Clark character Policeman (uncredited)

Stanley Clements character Newsboy (uncredited)

James Conaty character Nightclub patron (uncredited)

Heinie Conklin character Pedestrian newspaper buyer (uncredited)

Bob Cornell character Reporter (uncredited)

Dorothy Dearing character Girl at table (uncredited)

Eddie Dunn character Detective (uncredited)

Ralph Dunn character Detective (uncredited)

Sarah Edwards character Customer (uncredited)

James Flavin character Detective (uncredited)

Bess Flowers character Lady Handel's party guest (uncredited)

Jack Gargan character Nightclub Waiter (uncredited)

Robert Haines character Waiter (uncredited)

Stuart Hall character Nightclub patron (uncredited)

George Hickman character Newsboy (uncredited)

Kenner G. Kemp character Cab driver (uncredited)

Pat McKee character Ozinski - Newsman (uncredited)

Frank McLure character Nightclub patron (uncredited)

Edward McWade character Old man at library (uncredited)

Harold Miller character Nightclub patron (uncredited)

Mike Morelli character Fight spectator (uncredited)

Philip Morris character Detective (uncredited)

Forbes Murray character Mr. Handel (uncredited)

William J. O'Brien character Man hosing sidewalk (uncredited)

Albert Pollet character Waiter (uncredited)

Dick Rich character Detective (uncredited)

Tim Ryan character Detective (uncredited)

Harry Seymour character Bartender (uncredited)

Bert Stevens character Nightclub patron (uncredited)

Harry Strang character Officer Murphy (uncredited)

Amzie Strickland character Girl at table (uncredited)

Basil Walker character Reporter (uncredited)

Paul Weigel character Gus- Deleicatesson Proprietor (uncredited)

Cecil Weston character Police Matron (uncredited)