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I Married a Witch

I Married a Witch (2024)
I Married a Witch
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Rocksford, New England, 1672. Puritan witch hunter Jonathan Wooley is cursed after burning a witch at the stake: his descendants will never find happiness in their marriages. At present, politician Wallace Wooley, who is running for state governor, is about to marry his sponsor\'s daughter.

Fredric March character Jonathan / Nathaniel / Samuel / Wallace Wooley

Veronica Lake character Jennifer

Robert Benchley character Dr. Dudley White

Susan Hayward character Estelle Masterson

Cecil Kellaway character Daniel

Elizabeth Patterson character Margaret

Robert Warwick character J. B. Masterson

Georgia Backus character Older Woman (uncredited)

Charles Bates character Wooley's Son (uncredited)

Brooks Benedict character Country Club Guest (uncredited)

Billy Bevan character Puritan Vendor (uncredited)

Edward Biby character Spectator at Fire (uncredited)

Marie Blake character Purity Sykes (uncredited)

Monte Blue character Doorman (uncredited)

Aldrich Bowker character Justice of the Peace (uncredited)

Al Bridge character Second Prison Guard (uncredited)

Nora Cecil character Harriet Wooley (uncredited)

Ann Carter character Jennifer Wooley (uncredited)

Chester Conklin character Party Bartender (uncredited)

Gordon De Main character Man with Masterson on Radio (uncredited)

Emma Dunn character Wife of Justice of the Peace (uncredited)

Ralph Dunn character First Prison Guard (uncredited)

Mary Field character Nancy Wooley (uncredited)

Bess Flowers character Matron of Honor (uncredited)

Joe Gilbert character Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Florence Gill character Woman Playing Chess (uncredited)

Robert Greig character Town Crier (uncredited)

Eily Malyon character Tabitha Wooley (uncredited)

Charles R. Moore character Rufus - Samuel's Servant (uncredited)

Viola Moore character Martha (uncredited)

Emory Parnell character Allen - Hotel Owner (uncredited)

Helen St. Rayner character Singer at Wedding (uncredited)

Gino Corrado character Onlooker in Crowd

Franklyn Farnum character Country Club Guest

James Millican character Wedding Guest

Cyril Ring character Country Club Extra

Bert Stevens character Country Club Guest