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Force 10 from Navarone

Force 10 from Navarone (2024)
Force 10 from Navarone
6.3 from 10 with total 179 votes
118 minutes
Mallory and Miller are back. The survivors of Navarone are sent on a mission along with a unit called Force 10, which is led by Colonel Barnsby. But Force 10 has a mission of their own which the boys know nothing about.

Robert Shaw character Maj. Keith Mallory

Harrison Ford character Lieutenant Colonel Barnsby

Barbara Bach character Maritza Petrovich

Edward Fox character Miller

Franco Nero character Lescovar

Carl Weathers character Weaver

Richard Kiel character Drazak

Alan Badel character Petrovitch

Michael Byrne character Schroeder

Philip Latham character Jensen

Angus MacInnes character Reynolds

Petar Buntić character Marko

Michael Sheard character Sgt. Bauer

Leslie Schofield character Interrogation Officer 1

Anthony Langdon character Interrogation Officer 2

Richard Hampton character Interrogation Officer 3

Paul Humpoletz character Sgt. Bismark

Dicken Ashworth character Nolan

Christopher Malcolm character Rogers

Nick Ellsworth character Salvone

Jonathan Blake character Oberstein

Roger Owen character Blake

Francis Mughan character Force 10 Team

Mike Sirett character Force 10 Team

Graeme Crowther character Force 10 Team

Jim Dowdall character Force 10 Team

Michael Osborne character Naval Lieutenant

Edward Peel character MP Driver

Michael Josephs character German Storeman

Jürgen Andersen character Engineer 1

David Gretton character Engineer 2

Paul Jerricho character Lieutenant

Edward Kalinski character Young German Soldier

Robert Gillespie character Sergeant

Wolf Kahler character German Soldier

Hans Kahler character Pilot

Ramiz Pašić character Mallory's Boy

Patrick Allen character Narrator (voice) (uncredited)