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Flight of the Navigator

Flight of the Navigator (2022)
Flight of the Navigator
6.9 from 10 with total 476 votes
90 minutes
12-year-old David is accidentally knocked out in the forest near his home, but when he awakens eight years have passed. His family is overjoyed to have him back, but is just as perplexed as he is that he hasn\'t aged. When a NASA scientist discovers a UFO nearby, David gets the chance to unravel the mystery and recover the life he lost.

Joey Cramer character David Scott Freeman

Paul Reubens character Max (voice)

Veronica Cartwright character Helen Freeman

Cliff DeYoung character Bill Freeman

Sarah Jessica Parker character Carolyn McAdams

Matt Adler character Jeff (16 years)

Howard Hesseman character Dr. Louis Faraday

Robert Small character Troy

Jonathan Sanger character Dr. Carr

Richard Liberty character Mr. Howard

Raymond Forchion character Detective Banks

Cynthia Caquelin character Woman Officer

Ted Bartsch character Night Guard Brayton

Brigid Cleary character Technician #2

Michael Strano character Technician #3

Parris Buckner character Scientist #1

Robyn Peterson character Scientist #2

Philip Hoelcher character NASA Officer

Julio Oscar Mechoso character Hangar Guard #1

Butch Raymond character Hangar Guard #2

Chase Randolph character Lieutenant King

John Archie character Agent #1

Tony Calvino character Agent #2

Rusty Pouch character Gas Station Attendant

Robert Goodman character Tourist Man

Peter Lundquist character Newscaster #1

Jill Beach character Newscaster #2

Kenneth Ian Davis character Kid in Mustang

Courtney Brown character Stunt Double

Arnie Ross character NASA Technician

Fritz Bronner character NASA Technician