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Feature Film About Life

Feature Film About Life (2024)
Feature Film About Life
8 from 10 with total 3 votes
100 minutes
It is highly probable that before their own death, everyone has to organise someone else’s funeral. This is by far not an easy task. In addition to the searing grief, dying also brings a number of tasks that are at once utterly alien and intensely time-critical. The main character of this film, Dovile, who unexpectedly has to bury her father, has to face the bedlam of exactly such a challenge. Overnight, the young girl has to become a skilful organiser of a family event, while also being a specialist on coffins, urns, wreaths and funeral feasts. Dovile’s journey towards organising a perfect funeral is inevitably full of hardship and mishaps, accompanied mainly by black humour and comical situations.

Agnė Misiūnaitė character Dovilė

Nelė Savičenko character Dovilė's Mom

Kęstutis Jakštas character Tadas

Inga Maškarina character Zita

Romuald Lavrynovič character Vladislavas

Laima Akstinaitė character Milda

Aldona Janušauskaitė character Baba

Šarūnas Puidokas character Uncle Artūras

Vaidotas Martinaitis character Priest

Augustė Šimulynaitė character Eglė

Sofija Gedgaudaitė character Rasa

Ieva Kaniušaitė character Sound Designer

Gabrielė Tuminaitė character Employee of the Forensic Medicine Service

Larisa Kalpokaitė character Cemetery Administrator

Jelena Kirejeva character Cemetery Visitor

Saulius Ramoška character Man at the computer

Viktorija Streiča character Funeral Home Employee

Karolis Vilkas character Car Service Worker

Robertas Aleksaitis character Restaurant Owner Arvydas

Aušra Štukytė character Waitress

Vytautas Glebkus character Funeral Home Employee

Asta Beganskienė character Flower Seller

Gintautas Trimakas character Photo Store Employee

Lina Rastokaitė character Artūras' Wife

Adelė Šuminskaitė character Funeral Attendant

Aldona Bendoriute character Funeral Attendant

Jonas Braškys character Funeral Attendant

Klaudija Matvejevaitė character Funeral Attendant

Lukas Malinauskas character Funeral Attendant

Titas Laucius character Funeral Attendant

Vidmantas Fijalkauskas character Funeral Attendant

Viktorija Kuodytė character Funeral Attendant

Dmitrij Denisiuk character Crying Man

Andrius Bitinas character Gravedigger

Andrius Pekarskis character Gravedigger