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Fan-Fan the Tulip

Fan-Fan the Tulip (2024)
Fan-Fan the Tulip
6.7 from 10 with total 47 votes
102 minutes
Fanfan is a young handsome peasant. He joins the army to escape marriage and because a gipsy girl predicted he will get glory and the king\'s daughter as a wife. But the gipsy girl was in fact Adeline, the daughter of the recruiting officer. Once he has discovered the stratagem, Fanfan refuses to forget this dream and decides to fulfill the destiny of the fake prediction. Fantastic swashbuckling adventures in a 18th century setting, with a light criticism of the war and the mighty.

Gérard Philipe character Fanfan la Tulipe

Gina Lollobrigida character Adeline

Marcel Herrand character Louis XV

Olivier Hussenot character Tranche-Montagne

Noël Roquevert character Fier-à-Bras

Geneviève Page character La marquise de Pompadour

Sylvie Pelayo character Henriette de France

Henri Rollan character Maréchal d'Estrées

Nerio Bernardi character La Franchise

Jean-Marc Tennberg character Lebel

Lolita De Silva character La dame d'honneur

Irene Young character Marion

Georgette Anys character Madame Tranche-Montagne

Hennery character Guillot

Lucien Callamand character Le maréchal de Brandebourg

Gil Delamare character Un soldat

Jackie Blanchot character Un soldat

Joé Davray character Un soldat

Gérard Buhr character Un soldat

Jean Parédès character Le capitaine de la Houlette

Jean Debucourt character La voix de l'historien (voice)

Harry-Max character Petit rôle (uncredited)

Guy Henry character Petit rôle (uncredited)

Françoise Spira character Petit rôle (uncredited)