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Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up (2024)
Don't Look Up
7.3 from 10 with total 3266 votes
143 minutes
Two low-level astronomers must go on a giant media tour to warn humankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth.

Jennifer Lawrence character Kate Dibiasky

Leonardo DiCaprio character Dr. Randall Mindy

Meryl Streep character President Orlean

Rob Morgan character Dr. Teddy Oglethorpe

Jonah Hill character Jason Orlean

Cate Blanchett character Brie Evantee

Mark Rylance character Peter Isherwell

Tyler Perry character Jack Bremmer

Timothée Chalamet character Yule

Ron Perlman character Benedict Drask

Ariana Grande character Riley Bina

Kid Cudi character DJ Chello

Himesh Patel character Phillip

Melanie Lynskey character June Mindy

Michael Chiklis character Dan Pawketty

Tomer Sisley character Adul Grelio

Paul Guilfoyle character General Themes

Robert Joy character Congressman Tenant

Jack Alberts character Oliver

Ting Lik character Win

Lance A. Williams character Daniel

Shimali de Silva character Nisha

Hettienne Park character Dr. Calder

Rafael Silva character Nasa Scientist

Lonnie Farmer character Old Aide #1

Homa Sarabi Daunis character White House Office Worker

Barbara Douglass character Office Worker

Rena Maliszewski character Anchor Reporting On Colon

Erik Parillo character Sherriff Conlon

Robert Hurst Radochia character Evan Mindy

Conor Sweeney character Marshall Mindy

Ross Partridge character Keith Ollens

Richard Donelly character Old Aide #2

Liev Schreiber character Bash Narrator (voice)

Samsara Yett character Isherwell Child Aide

Meara Mahoney-Gross character Isherwell Child Aide

Jaden Onwuakor character Isherwell Child Aide

Staci Roberts Steele character Linda Dicalio

Wendy Bellevue character Isherwell Child Handler

Mishka Yarovoy character Executive

Chris Everett character Chief Editor Paula Woods

Annette Miller character Mrs. Tanken

Stephen Thorne character Benjamin

Aimee Doherty character Passerby

Natalie Rebenkoff character Talent PA

Gary Tanguay character News Anchor #2

Georgia Lyman character Groomer Thalia

Patricia DeHaney character Hair Person

Ben Sidell character Stage Manager

Therese Plaehn character Autopsy Editor In Charge

Omar Ghonim character Damian

Jody O'Neil character Stage Manager #2

Meghan Leathers character Media Quant

Ashleigh Banfield character Dalia Hensfield

Sarah Silverman character Sarah Benterman

Richard Snee character Senator Lerner

Darryl Wooten character FBI Agent

Danielle Waxman character College Girl

Jeffrey Smith character Blind Man FBI Agent

Jon Glaser character Meow Man

Dorothy Dwyer character Old Tough Lady

Odis Spencer Jr. character Chief Justice

Chris Evans character Devin Peters (uncredited)

Lewis D. Wheeler character Mission Coordinator